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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prepping for Hurricane Irene...

Well, she's a comin'..

And you know it's for real when NYC shuts down (the City never sleeps) and Atlantic City is closing the casinos...  Should make for a very interesting weekend.

Personally, I say BRING IT!  I'll be surfing the storm from INSIDE of my home with the girls.  Wag is, of course, on call and in the shop for the night and the teenager ditched me to be with his friends.  No worries - I've got a safe neighborhood & we're all ready to cram into John & Trish's house since they've got the generator.  (yes, that's your heads up, hee hee)  I'm pretty sure I can make it across the street in a hurricane.

I'm really not all that concerned for anything except downed trees and loss of power.  I rode out Hurricane Floyd in '99 (? year) with Kyle as a single mom, I already know the drill.  The trees could definitely be an issue, since I've got a lot of them - but it is what it is.

My concern is, first and foremost, for my family and friends in North Carolina and on the East coast.  Be safe all!  No surfing in the storm, don't be brave - we'd rather help you clean up after the mess than attend your funerals.

If you need a place to go, call me or just show up.  My door is always open & there's always room for one more.

Please let's be smart!  Don't be a hero...  As my husband says, a hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich...

Prayers for all - for us inland folk, enjoy the storm :)  She's a comin'


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