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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I know that I've got issues, but you're pretty messed up too!

Yeah that's right, I said it - I have issues!  Duhhhhh.....

If not for MY issues, you fine people wouldn't be reading this little blog of mine :)

Oh, I fully admit that my head is definitely NOT screwed on too tight - don't judge.

Have you checked yourself lately??

Oh - well please, let me turn that little mirror of judgement around so you could see yourself better.

Seeee ISSUES!  Ha!  We've all got 'em!

One of my biggest is "control".

My brother, Darren & I share this one (to a high degree).  Fortunately for all of those around us, we are also both smart enough to know there is only so much you can actually control in this life.  So we control what we know we can, like where the remote control is SUPPOSED to sit on the table (DARREN).  Between this line & this line & don't flippin' move it!  Ha!

For me, it's the toilet paper roll - it MUST come up over the top.  If someone turns it the other way, it just freaks me out.  My friends used to have great fun with that.  Ohhh, don't you worry - there are many, many more - but I don't have that kind of time to type.  :)  It really could be worse.

I actually find the humor in all of this, really.

My husband will have no problem telling you all how anal I am & then HE will re-arrange MY kitchen because it didn't make sense.  Uh - get the hell out of my kitchen if you want to eat!

Ha Ha ... see   I S S U E S ! ! !

This is what makes it easier for me to deal with other people's issues.  Believe me, I know I drive people nuts.  I'm a total whack job sometimes - it comes with the rest of the Jenn Package.

So take me or leave me.  I know that I've got issues - but you're pretty messed up too!!

Thank you for reading my blog!


(Revised & re-run from August 11, 2011)

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