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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness for my NORTH Jersey folk....

First off, I'd like to say - if you're in North Jersey (or upstate NY) and you're freaking out...
Y'all are WIMPS!

2 words... Hurricane Floyd

Before the news hype comes gets worse & I get stuck on a forever line at Shop Rite (which you all know, I HATE) let's go over a few things shall we...

First - have cash.  Remember that green paper that most of us used to have in our wallets - yeah, that.  You will need it.  If you are old enough to remember Hurricane Floyd - the ATMs were all down.

Second - prepare to be without electricity.  I know, I know the horror...  Without electricity also means without internet, and NO your Blackberries & cell phones may not work either.  Take note, if you or your entire block has no electricity, chances are the grocery store won't have power either & they'll be closed.  That's even suggesting that there won't be downed trees in the path of the store.

Think CAMPING.  Not camping like I camp (in a camper, lol) but like I used to camp.  ROUGH IT!  Think no electricity.  Think flash lights, candles, board games, books (book lights if you have them) & lots and lots of close personal family time.

With that in mind - as you go out to rush the supermarkets - do NOT waste your time on milk, meats or dairy - refrigerators run on electric, remember??  Think bread, peanut butter, pasta, canned stuff.  Cook in advance & warm stuff up on the stove.  If you don't have gas, bummer...  I'd say to use your grill, but I don't want to be responsible for he potential disaster of someone bringing it into their kitchen.  Camping cook stoves w/ propane work real well too - on your covered OUTSIDE porch - not in your house!

You may also want to think ice for your coolers & since you'll be spending so much quality time with your children (without TV or other stimulants they are used to) beer and wine will go real well in those coolers.  Just sayin'.  Oh, bottled water is always good too :)

Fill your vehicle up with gas.  Like the rest of the population of the planet, most gas station's pumps are electronic.

For us folk up here in the mountains who have well & septic - fill your tub with water.  As we all know, without a pump, there is no water - with no water, the potty does not flush...  get where I'm going with this?

Trees will be down, roads will be blocked.  You may be trapped for a day or two if it's as bad as they predict.

Instead of making a run on the grocery store (I'm pretty sure everyone's got enough food in their home to last a few days) hit the book store & the toy store.  Load up with activities to keep everyone occupied.

For those with small children who are programmed that dark means night night - Yay you!!  (that's how I programmed my kids)  A few extra hours to yourselves. Woo Hoo!!

For my family & friends in North Carolina and along the coast - be safe!  I'll be praying for you!

For my North Jersey wimps.... Really???  Come on guys - as tough as we Jersey folk are, we should be looking Irene in the face & say bring it on.........

In all seriousness, be smart and stay safe.  If you genuinely need help and can get to us, come on over - our door's always open :)

And remember, if God wants you...  He doesn't need a little hurricane to take you.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. Driving down 95 and reading your blog out loud. Loved it! Thanks for entertaining us this morning and making me laugh. Stay safe and dry!


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