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Monday, August 29, 2011

Trapped in the mountains...

Before I go on with my little blog, we're really Ok in our home.

Unlike other people in town, we've been really lucky to have power and very little storm damage.  The sumps kicked on at 2 am, luckily for me, at a time when Wag was home to get some rest.

If you have no power or gas - TRUST ME, these guys are working like dogs.  My husband is supervision & he's been out since 4:30 pm Saturday.  Crews genuinely have been working & most of these guys haven't slept.

I haven't seen anything besides whats in the news, online or on TV - but I know that rivers are way beyond flood stages (by record levels) and roads are washed out - and this is just in North Jersey.  I know that the shore took a major hit.

We live in the mountains, so currently we are suffering run off & ground saturation (in my home).  I do know that my friends "up the mountain" may be without power by now and the roads off the mountain were flooded & closed.
Kyle spent the weekend at a friend's house upstate - they have been without power & I know that roads leading home have been washed out in several areas - so I'd just assume he stay put!

I feel incredibly lucky & blessed to have been spared - but if you are a praying person, I ask you to pray for those around here who weren't so lucky.  Most of us Jersey folk are nothing like those on TV and don't "have it all" as it appears on TV - we work hard and live modest lives.

I think you can see the pictures in the following link, even without a Facebook account, this is just some of the damage in our area:
Again, this is NORTH Jersey!

To my local friends, if you can see this and you need help, or want to take a shower and you can get to my house - the door is always open to you.

I know I can't get down the highway to work because 23 is flooded & all the area around my office is flooded.  I'm content to be trapped for the time being, but will venture out later to see for myself.

As drastic as this all may sound, we were very lucky compared to the prediction.
Be safe all!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. Hey,
    Thanks so much for posting this link! We just got power back, and I do not facebook, so thanks so much!


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