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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Impatience, not a virtue??

I’m not patient, there – I’ve said it!

If my husband is reading this, his jaw probably just hit the ground – because I’ve yet to admit this out loud.  (You can pick your jaw back up now honey.)

I remember a few years back when my son’s friend Christian was at our house & I said Ok guys, let’s go.  I could hear Kyle from the room saying, “No, Christian – you don’t understand – when my mom says let’s go, that doesn’t mean we have 10 more minutes – it means she’s walking out the door.”  At least my kids know.

Don’t knock it – I fully expect to reciprocate.  If you ask me for something, I will drop whatever I’m doing & take care of it for you.  It works both ways…  See, I’m not a total spoiled brat….

I genuinely don’t have patience with quite a few things – while I can easily deal with traffic & screaming kids…  I have absolutely NO patience with the cold cut line or the people who pretend to not hear you say EXCUSE ME three times in the grocery store when you’re trying to pass by.  I just can’t do it.  It’s gotten to the point where my husband does the grocery shopping to save that $15 I would spend at… 

This behavior of mine drives many people crazy.  Sorry, I don’t mean anything by it.  It’s just me.  When I call or email, I expect an instant response…  If I I don't get it, I'm asking again.  If wanted it in 10 minutes, I’d ask you 10 minutes from now…  (and I wonder where my kids get it from, lol)

Ok, Ok – it’s still a little bratty of me.  I don't see the problem...  It's not like I haven't given fair warning...

Have a happy day!!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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