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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Because your mother said so!!

Ladies, as women - we all know this phrase means exactly the opposite.  At least it did for me, when I was a teenager.

I was incredibly blessed to have had two great dads growing up.  My dad & my step-dad.

My relationship with my step-dad was not fabulous while I was growing up, but there were points in my childhood where he did take a genuine interest in my life. In the 10 years before he died, he was every bit as close with me as my real dad was, and I miss him terribly.

I mention all of this because if my dad(s) said something, liked someone, didn't like someone - that carried real weight with me.  I'd broken up with many a boy that either my dad or step dad (whom I will refer to as Poppie from here on) didn't like.

Not really my dad.
My dad was very laid back & easy going.

Poppie was former Navy, rigid - Archie Bunker type. 

At 16 years old, a boy came to the front door for me.  He was very respectful. He rang the doorbell, introduced himself and asked for me nicely and I all I heard was "get the bleep outta here" SLAM.  I came running down the stairs wondering what was going on.  All I got was - "get upstairs!"  (expletives removed)

Seems the boy had a mustache, at 15.  Whoops.... 

Poppie wanted me to bring home a nice blonde hair, blued eye boy - perhaps Irish or Polish, lol.

My dad was never so forward and not at all sensitive to how someone looked or their heritage (though a nice Dutch boy would have been nice) - but he definitely let me know if there was someone he didn't approve of, or like for one reason or another.  He also let them know in his own way as well.

I didn't much like that, but it was what it was.

However, if my mother liked someone, it was the kiss of death (for him not me).
BUT - If she hated a guy, that meant quick run out and marry him.
Yeah, that didn't work out so well for me in the past.

I don't know if it's a female thing or what... A wise person once said that there is no house big enough to hold two strong minded women.

All of this makes me wonder... How will MY daughter will be with me in a few years?

It scares me to think about.

Personally, I believe I've got the Great American Bitch Off won - hands down...  But how will this sweet little darling punish me for my "sins" to the mother..

Will I escape the "I hope you get one just like you" curse???  It's not looking good, so far, I'll have to admit.

Like me, my little girl is all about her daddy.  So I will have to learn to keep my mouth shut and let her daddy handle it.

Daddy's got his line all picked out and ready "Son, I don't mind going back to the joint.  My little girl comes home as she left... got it?"  (no, he's never been in jail - sounds good though, doesn't it?)

Every once in a while he'll lay down the law & throw a "do it because your mother said so" - but I'm thinking that is not so much a "command" than a dare that has been laid out for MY future....

Lord help me now :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


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