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Friday, November 23, 2012

Who's the lead singer of Aerosmith?, The Creepy Foot Rub & Alien Underwear - Minus 1 - Concert review plus :)

Just your typical girls night out, right?

Well it is for our group of ladies!!

Yes, that's right - all we sophisticated ladies piled on into our friend's mini-van and headed into the big city, New York City, that is.  Like bosses!

As we emerged from the minivan, (minus 1) one by one, into the deep, dark depths of "Central Park" (that's the garage name) our hair blew back with gentleness and grace from the prop fan.  (Placed there for our amusement, if nothing else.)  We emitted style and grace and strutted our stuff, tripping over our own feet only a few times.  All five of us:  The school teacher, the girl scout leaders, the mother of triplets & the foster mom.... prancing in our heels taking on the streets of Manhattan, just like Sex and the City.....

Ok, well maybe not.  But that's totally how we felt about it.

This was certain to be a night of excitement....How could it not be?  Steven Tyler was involved.

Drinks & appys at Jack Dempsey's first...I have to say - you should probably be drunk and fed before you arrive here.  We only got appetizers, but they were mediocre at best AND my Blue Moon was flat.  Boo!  This was just the warm up of the evening.  Drinks, to unwind from the typical hellish commute through the tunnel & into the city, interesting dinner conversations, secrets spilled & laughs that could not be contained.

Onto the show...the almost 40 gals led the walk down the streets of the city, as the pushing 50 crowd pulled up the rear.

I am a HUGE Cheap Trick fan from wayyyy back!  I had a secret love affair going with Robin Zander that I've never let him in on.  It was nice to see him looking so well after all these years.  As I flash back through the pages of my mind, I do recall him looking much hotter in the poster that hung on my wall - but that was almost 30 years ago.  :sigh:  I probably also appear little bit differently than he remembers.  Those boys still do rock!  They are minus Bun E. Carlos on drums & Tom Peterson - but Rick & Robin ARE Cheap Trick.  Did I mention that they were like 100 feet away from me??  If I could have jumped about 10 rows & over the stage stairs - I could have been right up along side Robin.  Then I though, restraining order.  Kidding.  Rick & Robin DO rock it out - they sound as amazing as they did 30+ years ago!  Oh hush ... yes!  30+ years ago... I'm an old bat, remember??  lol

But wait, there's more....
Hellooooo.... Steven Tyler!  Hey, wait...Who's the lead singer of Aerosmith?  Yes, that jaw dropping comment is one of the many laughs that made the evening what it was.  Pfft, everyone knows the lead singer of Aerosmith is Jon Bon Jovi!  Sheesh!  :)

As was Robin - Steven was like 100 feet away from us.  At one point - he was even closer.  If only we'd been one section over, he could have sang directly to me.  (as if he wasn't anyway, pfft.)

Can I just tell you?  If you like Aerosmith, even a little bit - GO TO SEE THEM!  What an amazing performer this man is, and at 64!  Of course, it's the whole band, but Steven Tyler IS Steven Tyler.  The man can move, sing, dance, play multiple instruments - he is all about his audience.  At one point he pulled this little teen-aged girl on the stage to dance with him.  She was clearly random, because I swear the kid looked like she was ready to shit a brick.  I'd have traded places with her in a second.  AH.MAY.ZING!  Truly!!  I've been to many, many, many concerts.  I saw Aerosmith in 1986 with Ted Nugent.  I don't remember them being, back then, as good as they are now.  Like wine, better with age.

Enough of show reviews....let's move on to the girlie events.  We are all nuts in our very own special way.  Some of us hide it better than others.  I'm not one of the ones who hide it - Proudly flying Freak flag high.  For this reason, I believe, people think I'm way crazier than I actually am.  On that, NO - I have really NEVER had a back stage experience, lol.  I'm much calmer and more innocent than I portray, I suppose.  It does make me both laugh and cringe just a bit that I brought shock and awe about NOT having a "back stage experience."  :)

Speaking of crazy friends - and I mean this in the kindest most loving way....  I did mention that we were all donned in our finest heels?  Ouch our barkin' dogs...  But let's not let that stop us!  Let's take off our shoes & hang them over the seat in front of us.  "Hey guy... yeah you, over there, my feet hurt - would you rub them?"  Yes this happened and yes, he did rub them.  I'm not sure which is funnier.  Nope, not telling who, but it happened.  Followed by.. "Hey, are you wearing alien underwear?  Because your ass is out of this world."  No lie.  But when you ask for a creepy foot rub, you get all that comes along with it.

Secrets yes, lies - no.  Fun...ABSOLUTELY.  Only one thing missing.... Next time!  No excuses!

Hope you enjoyed this craziness.

If you've learned anything from this post, let it be that time with your friends is priceless.  Go out, have fun, spill secrets, dance & be crazy.  You only live once... OMG did I just say that??  I did...

Oh, and Aerosmith rocks - as does my Cheap Trick!!

Thank you for reading my silliness & have a fabulous day!



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time. I smiled the whole time I was reading this, I could feel the fun you had (even with disappointing appys and drink)!

  2. Next time I wanna go!!! Although, to the alien underwear comment, I'd just say "Nope, I don't wear any!" I totally lived vicarious through u just now!! Thank you!! Smooches! Cyn

  3. (<<Whining like a little girl) Next time is right!!!! Waaahhhhh!!! :)

  4. Girls Night Outs ROCK!! So glad you guys had a blast.


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