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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Surprise potty for the hubby!

Ahhhh, peace and quiet.

It's Sunday morning as I type this out.

It's been such a whirl wind (no pun intended) since the "Super Storm" hit New Jersey.

Today, there is quiet.

My husband works for the utility company.  He is NOT in the electric department, however, he has been called out constantly and has been working his tail off.  He's been gone for what seems like the entire month and it's been all me, and the girls.  Mommy needs this quiet.

Presently, he's visiting his family in Costa Rica & I have worked diligently to prepare a HUGE surprise for him.

When we bought our home, we bought the neighborhood not the house.  The house, although charming & full of character, is old.  Old like me & older.  Not just out dated, but stuff needed to be done.

We moved in knowing immediately that the house would NOT remain pink, or salmon - whatever color it was.  We knew by the home inspections that we had plumbing & water issues.  We knew we needed a roof and landscaping and just stuff.  You can only get so far before you run out of funds.  It is what it is...

We've been wanting the bathroom done.  We've NEEDED the bathroom done.  There is was God awful paneling in the bathroom.  Yes, paneling.  Floral fru, fru - ugly disgusting paneling.  I have hated it since day one, but ya know - bathrooms are expensive so I dealt with it.  I dealt with it until the day I opened the vanity cabinet and saw that the composite was deteriorating & the vanity was collapsing under the weight of the sink.  I knew we had to get a move on.

Hubby is busy -- really busy.  Normally, he likes to be the one to do the fix its around here.

So, SURPRISE!!  Bathroom remodel, "While You Were Out" style!

I hesitate to put this up here, but since I know he's already en-route, there's not much danger in him reading my blog.  Meh, not much danger in that anyway.

Today, all is quiet.  My brother is enjoying quiet time in his space.  I'm enjoying quiet time in my space.  There are no children awake at the moment.  The house is clean(ish).  There is no noise, and the bathroom looks great.

I'm so excited for him to see it!!!

A great big, giant THANK YOU to my baby brother for not only jumping in to do this for me, but pulling it of in the time allowed.  You did an amazing job & I'm so proud to call you my brother!

To the world, thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great day!

~Jenn I actually typed this out LAST Sunday, I hesitated to post it just in case.  As an update, the surprise went off amazingly well!!!  My brother finished 98% at 1 AM on Wednesday night.  Hubby got home at 1:30 AM and he was REALLY surprised!!!  Thank you again, Darren!  You are the best brother in the world!!  xoxo


  1. It sounds like a great surprise! I know what you mean about projects, especially bathroom ones. We need to re-do two bathrooms as we speak. Some day. Maybe. ;)

  2. What an awesome surprise!! And what a great brother you have.:-) Glad it went so well!

  3. I'm with Teri--where's the before and after pics, hmmmm???? It sounds wonderful and I love looking at stuff like this!

    1. Pictures to follow, promise!! We're not 100% done just yet - just "presentation done". It was a HUGE job that my brother managed to get done in 5 days (my hero) xoxo


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