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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And we're back in the light.....

Seven and a half days of no power....What a real eye opener!

I'm going to say this again, for what feels like the millionth time....
I consider us to be so amazingly blessed and protected!  Yes, this whole power thing sucked!  Yes, we have trees down and yes, it was all very inconvenient.  We are alive and well.  Our damage, in comparison, is laughable.

I am grateful for the moments of learning that we've all gathered in our own ways during all of this.

Our neighborhood really came together.
Granted, there are "cliques", to any neighbor who may be reading, this isn't meant as a negative in anyway.
-The old timers.  Not referring to age, but referring to the folks who've lived in the neighborhood for many years and have substantial bonds with the others who've lived here for many years.  They know the ropes.  They've had generators for years, because the power always used to be out.  They know the drill & they know what needs to be done and they do it.  Most times without even being asked.
-The "newbies" with younger kids.  (I fit into this group) who want to help any way we can.  Some of us have lived in the neighborhood for less than 10 years.  We're still learning the ropes and appreciate the advice to do what needs to be done, while trying to keep the kids happy and fully entertained.
-Then there's the people who don't really talk to anyone.  Some of them smile & wave, others just barrel down the road.  I'm sure they did good somewhere.

Nothing against anyone at all - everyone took care of everyone.  No one said - ooh, no - you haven't lived here for 30 years, can't help ya... Everyone cared that everyone had what they needed, offered & gave help - many times just jumped in and did what needed to be done.
It was heartwarming.  I have great neighbors - ALL of them.  (Well, all except the ones who came to answer the door on Trick or Treat day, saw the kids there, shut the light on the kids and walked away....)

During the times where we congregated at another's home, we had opportunity to really come together to know each other on a different level.  Not just as the guy down the street, or next door or around the corner.  We got to form different kinds of bonds as friends & allies who will help each other with whatever we are able to provide.  Some had more, some had less - no one thought twice about sharing.  No one cared as long as everyone had some form of comfort.

What an amazing display of loving human nature.  The stuff you don't see as clearly when the lights are on.

I personally gained a new appreciation for generated power.  My normal routine is changed some, at least for now - out of the past week's habit.  I didn't throw on every single light in the house when I woke up.  Today is day #1, but I hope to maintain this.  Just because.

I did ask God to show me my blessings in disguise & boy, did He ever!

I always knew how much I appreciated my friends, but now - I have a whole new appreciation for every one of them.  Of course, I always appreciate my hubby.  He and I are often ships that pass in the night with our schedules as they are.  We came to appreciate the time we saw each other, no matter how brief.  For our friends who helped me get the generator started every morning because I couldn't figure out that I wasn't pulling the choke out far enough.  For our friends who opened their home for showers and food and heat.

As I said earlier, someone jumped in for everything.  For this, I'm so grateful for seeing these blessings so much more clearly now.  The things you think, Pfft, I can do this...  Well let me tell you, I could never have figured out the siphoning of the water out of my pool by myself and I would have totally been in tears in front of my generator for a week knowing I had the ability to provide electric, but was too much of a ditz to figure it out properly.

Here comes another storm and we are back in the light.  Thank God!

The light I have become the most grateful for is the one that is shone on each and every one of us in the knowing that we don't need to feel too proud to say... Hey, got any milk?  Can I shower by you?  We all know (or I hope we all know) that we really will give all we have, if you need it.

For those who I can't reach - for my other New Jersey and New York neighbors whose heartache I am just seeing, I wish you all peace, love & blessings in disguise.  My heart breaks for you with every news story I am now getting to see.

If there is anything that I am able to provide, please let me know.

Wishing you all the brightest of lights.

Love from Jersey!



  1. Glad you have your power back on, and even in the darkness saw so many positive things.

  2. So happy to hear you weathered yesterday's storm relatively unscathed and I'm so glad to see you back!!


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