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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seeking affirmation where ever you can get it...

Sometimes I feel a little icky.

I look in the mirror & think ewww...  Nice muffin top chubs.  Why don't you go on over & have another brownie to sit on your thighs...
Yes, I regularly heckle myself in front of the mirror.  You too?

I'm not sure that men get this.  They'd have to weigh in on that (no pun intended).  Guys?

I've come to a point in my life that mostly I know - this is as good as it gets.  I'm me.  The good the bad & the chub.  I do what I can to feel better about what I've got & to hide the stuff I'd rather not let anyone know exists.  I spend my time giving myself a pep talk in front of the mirror every day, ya know - like your average every day whack job.  No, I'm pushing it too far.  I really don't.

I do, however - reach out to my young fans.  The short - honest ones who may be bribed easily with chocolate.  That's right - I'll admit it.  I bribe kids to say nice things to me to make me feel better about myself.  There, I said it.

Miss Jenn's the GREATEST!
Think I'm lying??  My "church friends" used to joke with me all the time because I had all the kids lining up and I'd say... "OK children, who's the greatest?"  And in harmony, they'd say "Miss Jenn's the Greatest!"  I'd give them chocolate or their choice of treat & they'd walk away.  It was like training puppies.  After a while, I didn't even have to give them treats to hear them tell me that I AM - the greatest.  (but ya know, "Auntie Jenn" always had treats anyway - so who trained who?)

Sadly, as most of these kids have grown older they've stopped telling me that I'm the greatest & have now resorted to telling me that they're used to my "weirdness."  Ha!  I'll take that too....

There's no short supply of young minions to carry out my daily affirmation tasks...  My little friend, whose name I withhold because his momma will just know, once uttered the F word my way.  No, no not THAT F-word.... The OTHER F word...FAT.  Don't be horrified, momma - it's OK.  Like I told my little friend - I've got a mirror.

I am seriously not the person who will be insulted or taken aback by anything a child says to me.  I love little kids & their brand of honesty is much like mine.  Broken filter.  You think it, you speak it.  No biggie.  Like I said, I've got a mirror.

OF COURSE - this did put my diet into motion faster.  It's been a rough few years.  Docs had me on steroids and to say that I've packed on the pounds is the understatement of the century.  I knew I needed to do something about it & he gave me the proper kick.  (see, it really IS OK)
I'm happy to report that I've lost 15 lbs so far!

Now you KNOW I had to make all this work to my advantage.  So I said to my young friend...  "I've started a diet.  Am I still fat?"  He of course, answered honestly (don't be mad momma, I goaded him)  I then proceeded to tell him that I was going on a diet & that his new job, every day, was to say, "Miss Jenn, you're looking skinnier today."

Every morning, I start my day off as usual...

I look in the mirror & try to camouflage the icky spots that I don't like.  I take my girls to the bus stop & see my little friend who gives me my daily affirmation....
"Miss Jenn, you look skinnier today."

....and I can properly go about my day.

Whatever it takes, right :)

Have a fabulous day full of wonder and joy -- and yes, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! 

Thank you for reading my blog!!



  1. That's adorable. I need a little friend to tell me that I'm looking prettier every day. Besides my biased daughter. She tells me every day that I'm the lovliest most bootifuliest momma in the world. LOL
    Good for you on the weight loss! (I'm still in a holding pattern after baby boy. Maybe you can encourage me to get out there and lose some.)

  2. I hear ya! Been there, still there! I have lost 22 some pounds and still need to lose another 15! No rush, though. I found out that if you have really made up your mind about it but don't get frustrated (even with the occasional cheating) you'll have results. It worked for me! Now I need to make up my mind about exercising! All of me has become saggy! The worst casualty: my boobs! They have migrated to the south!!! LOL! Clothed, though, I look much better and people notice, mostly important my mirror thinks so, too. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all...?

  3. You must be reading my mind because this is what I go through every day!! I feel like a pod person and wonder who the heck stole my body overnight. Menopause, that's who!

  4. this made me laugh, in a sad sort of way. CONGRATS on the weight loss. 15 pounds is awesome! as I age, I do my best to hide and disquise as well. So glad you can get your affirmation, even through bribery. We women need it....often!

  5. LOL Love it! I need one of those around here too.


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