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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who are YOU?

My bloggie friend over at You Know it Happens at Your House Too issued a challenge yesterday.

Not just for women, for everyone...  to remind us of who we are, to ourselves.

Often in life, in the day to day monotony - we lose ourselves.  To our jobs, to our families, to our schedules.  We forget who we are...

Set a timer for five minutes and write. Write using the prompt I AM ______________________. Don't edit, don't proofread, don't change it. You are not required to share it with anyone, even though I hope you do, but keep it close by so that on those days when you are feeling really horrible about yourself (we all know that we have those days), you can look back and remember all the things that make you wonderful."

Here's who I am....

I am Jenn

I am a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend.
I am me.
I am someone who cares, deeply.
I am very, sometimes overly, emotional.
My kids & husband have me totally wrapped.
I hate to admit that.
I love with all I have inside of me.
If I say I love you, be assured that I mean it.
If I've stopped loving you - it's your fault.
I don't just stop loving people.
There are very few people I've stopped loving.
I can only name 2.
I'm fun.
I like to laugh & be silly.  Often!
I don't need to be the prettiest or have the most stuff.
None of that means anything to me.
I do like to look pretty & feel good about myself.
On my terms.
I don't keep up with the Jones'.
I don't want to.
I'm good with what I've got, because I've earned it.
I'd give it all to you if you needed it.
I miss a lot.
I'm book smart.
I sometimes lack common sense.
I used to be a technology geek.
Now I ask my 10 year old daughter for help.
That makes me laugh daily.
I'm loyal - probably too much so.
I'm a survivor.
I've been through quite a bit of CRAP in my life.
I've been dealt some crappy hands.
I've often made bad decisions and created my own problems.
I never bitched - I just dealt with it.
I am stronger for that.
I am tough, at least on the outside.
If I'm hurt, I'll hide it.
I don't fold - I persevere.
I sometimes need to rely on someone else when it becomes too much.
My filter is usually jammed opened.
I don't know when to back down or shut up.
I generally get what I want.
I am secure with the person I am.
I enjoy taking care of others.
If I haven't seen you in 10, 20, 30 years & you need me -
I'll be there for you.
I like to be taken care of.
I can handle being alone.
I enjoy being with my friends and family.
I am blessed.
Every single day, I know that there IS a God who loves me.
I believe this.
You don't have to,
but that makes me feel sad for you.
I won't cram it down your throat.
I'm not always the best example.
I'm a total mess.
But I still feel good about the person I am.
I am a strong, successful, happy, beautiful mess.
I am me.

Who are YOU??

I challenge each and every one of you magnificent individuals to do this for yourself.

Thank you to Tara at You Know it Happens at Your House Too & Craughing for putting this out there.

Tell me, WHO ARE YOU??

I love you all!

Big Smoochies


(Afterthought....  I'm such a loser.  :)  I messed up & didn't follow the instructions.  AT ALL, because I AM IMPULSIVE (should have put that at the top)  I have a bad habit of not reading things through properly & just going.  I totally overlooked the instructions.  I wrote, re-wrote, proof read - twice & still messed up, deleted things & it took me way longer than 5 minutes to think of who I am.  I sorry.  :(  I can't go back & do it right...
but you can! I'd love to see your stuff!  Thanks for letting me be real :)  xxoo)

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  1. Love you, Jenn. You are a HUGE blessing to me!

    1. I'm glad I could be here for you :) xxooxxoo Big Hugs!

  2. I should have added I stink at proof reading.... Hope I've cleared up all my oopsies, now that I've re-read :)

  3. Wait... you wrote all that in five minutes? Dang! You go girl! I got to like 5 things and was like... uhhhh.... and then time was up!
    btw... keep that filter open!

    1. Um.... I hate to admit this.... but I sort of cheated. Not only did I totally disregard the instructions, but I forgot to add them altogether. When I saw them on Real Housewife of Santee - I said OOPS... so.. I'm not a great example. I wrote it, I edited it, I deleted things & wrote them again and it took me way longer than 5 minutes. I'm a mess. But truthfully - it's REALLY hard to come up with stuff.

    2. (and that's why the different font, lol) I added it late --

    3. LOL.... Nice! I know what you're saying... I think I spent like 3 minutes just staring at the computer screen :P

  4. Great reading! And you didn't mess up for not keeping the 5 minute time limit. Think of it that that's just you. You do things your OWN way! Nothing wrong with that (I do it all the time!) Maybe you should add that to who you are!

    1. Hee hee, thank you for the justification! I should keep you around on retainer :) xxoo

  5. I love your "I am" whether you followed directions or not, it's the thinking about it that matters. I spent most of the day yesterday reading Tara's posts, they are all amazing. Followed you back.

    1. Welcome, Karen :) I'm happy to have you here too!

  6. Love u more everyday. I'm not sure how that happens...but it does. You had me at Zep. Big huge Huggins!!!


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