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Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I've learned from hurricanes past....

The perfect storm of absolute crap arriving during a full moon, high tide along side another storm front... whatever it is they're spouting.  I have this mental picture of all the weather guys rubbing their hands together watching their little weather stations going, "oh boy, oh boy, oh boy ... here she comes."
Meh, whatever....

I'm more pissed that this whole storm may mess with Halloween for the kids - AGAIN - second year in a row!

Storm-schmorm.  To me - it's like that giant raccoon going through your garbage.  You know he's there, and you can't get it to leave.  So you stay the heck away until it's done & you know you're going to have a mess to clean up afterward.

I've done this storm bit before...Hurricane Hugo, my brother was home on leave & I was out partying with my friends.  I watched Hurricane Floyd through my window as it rapidly brought down trees and turned my garage / basement into "a river runs through it".  Hurricane Irene kept me out of work for a few days and just made a mess.  It's is what it is!

For those closer to the coastline - well, we're talking a whole lotta trouble.  Be safe!

My words of wisdom are short, sweet and to the point.

Ready for some very blunt Jenn??

1.  Don't be dumb.  Surfing in a hurricane is stupid.

2.  Have cash - enough of it to last at least a week.  If power goes out, the ATM machines WILL be down.  It will be cash and carry if stores are open.

3.  Don't be dumb.  If you live in the northeast and you DON'T have a snow shovel in your garage or milk in your fridge (and you're not just a youngin' starting out) you have issues.  Don't rush the grocery stores!  Just stay home, PLEASE.  Nothing is more irritating than the storm psychos!

4.  Put gas in your vehicle.  YES - fill 'er up!  Pumps run on electricity.  If the electric is out - as their predicting for a few weeks - you won't be able to get gas in your vehicle.  A half tank or quarter tank are not enough.  Go, do it now.

5.  Propane.  If you have an electric stove - you're bummin' for a meal, aren't you??  Bring your grill into someplace WELL VENTILATED (let's not blow up our homes, m'kay?)  If you have an enclosed porch - FABULOUS.  Garage, whatever... put it there.  It'll come in handy if you want to eat.  Micky D's will probably be closed, as will the rest of the planet.

6.  When they tell you EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY on the road... please listen!  If it's come to that point, there is usually a good reason to listen.

7.  Candles, flash lights, battery operated lanterns, board games, charge the iPod, iPhone, DS, Kindle, Nook - whatever... Get 'em all ready.  Your kids WILL be bored.  If you want to survive the day, weekend - Just do it!

8.  That handy dandy generator in the garage (hint, hint, honey) that looks really pretty?  Let's hook that bad boy up, shall we??

9.  Oh..and if you hadn't picked up on it earlier... DON'T BE DUMB!

Be prepared for the stupid stuff that you don't really think of.

I hesitate to really start tearing up the storm nuts, because last storm - well, people died & lost their homes and I felt really bad.  I wish no harm on anyone - and wish anyone in this storm's path safety.

I hope my mixture of silliness & genuine advice are helpful to you.

More than anything else, stay safe!

Enjoy the weekend & if it looks bad - just stay in.

Signing out...
~Weather Wench
a.k.a.  Jenn


  1. Have you ever hit the rode to evacuate? sucks. If you are evacuating, or if you are staying, don't forget WATER. You would be amazed at how many idiots in the south think that water isn't a necessity in the SOUTH when you are without power. They will cut you for some water.
    (I'm sorry that I am relieved that it's not in the Gulf. Rita and Ike just about killed us, both mentally and physically.)

    1. OMG!!! Water!!! How silly of me to leave that out!!! Thank you!! And thank you for your concern & comments!! I'm in the woods in Northern Jersey... It's just going to be a mess here

  2. You take care and be safe too, toots!!


  3. My first hurricane was Francis. I had 6 weeks old twins, one that had just been diagnosed with a heart murmur. Fun times! I went to my ex's parent's house, had Chinese and just had a miserable time.
    My second hurricane was Jeanne.....this time, we had a generator and I was home with my family. It sucked, but wasn't AS bad...the being without power sucked though.
    My third was Wilma. That one was really kinda lame. I hung with friends through most of it.

    Hurricanes suck and I'm so happy I'm in Kentucky and we really don't have to deal with them. But my Mom is on the West Coast of Florida, my family and some dear friends are on the East Coast. I'm not a fan of the hurricanes! lol

    Stay safe, hon!

    1. Wow, you definitely have more hurricanes under your belt!! Thought I was immune up here in NW NJ - but trees, lakes, rivers still wreak havoc... Thank your post & concern :) xxoo

  4. Excellent advice Jenn! The Hubby and I were just going over the game plan. Would you believe we were in Florida when Irene hit HERE? Doh! Came home to a flooded basement, no power for a week. This time we'll be ready for that bitch Sandy!

    1. If I'm not mistaken (from prior coversations) I'm way north of you - but if you need anything.... Let me know, I'll do what I can! Good Luck... Or, see ya in Oz... I've always wanted to follow the yellow brick road. ;)

  5. Nail everything down to the floor and hang on tight! We just got through the storm here in SoFlo and it wasn't TOO bad--just buckets of rain and high winds. Mary Poppins wouldn't stand a chance with her umbrella in this weather!


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