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Friday, October 19, 2012

Have you met Saint Mommy??

Apparently, that's my alter ego.

I'm the mother of a grown son, who looks at me as if I am the embodiment of all that is perfect and right in this world - moon beams shoot from my head & stars are in my eyes as I breathe in flowers and exhale butterflies.

Um... Not quite, and no he really doesn't.
Well, OK, maybe he sort of does.

I, in no way shape or form, have ever claimed or tried to be perfect.  I do all I can to set the proper examples, while just being me.

Is my mouth always clean and proper?  Meh, not really.  Do I occasionally say the s-word in front of my short ones?  Um, guilty - but I also reinforce that these are trash words & mommy sounds like an absolute beast saying these things.  Be better than mommy, I say.

I've gotten my eldest child, who has given me the biggest run for my money to date, raised into adulthood - relatively unscathed.
Pfft, who am I kidding?  He's amazing!!  I'm so proud I could do back flips!!!   Well, if I actually COULD still do a back flip.  You get the idea.   All in all, I've done a pretty damn good job and am continuing to doing a pretty good job with the short ones.

I truly do have a split persona.  The person I am with my friends - the wild and crazy Jenn with the broken filter who may spout naughty words after a glass or four of wine.  I may embarrass myself on many levels in the spirit of fun and folly - but send a kid in the room.  Screeeeeeeeeech (that's me slamming on the breaks) and out comes Saint Mommy.  Appropriate (for me) smiling, doing whatever my child - or whatever child walks in may need.  Truly.
One short person calling me to an activity will take me away from big people fun & have me sitting on the floor playing Pokemon on DS...  Just go ask my 9 year old boyfriend.  He'll tell ya!

Someone once guffawed at my reference to my being "Mother Theresa" around my kids.
At the time, that really hurt my feelings.  Then I realized that person clearly only saw what they wanted to see,  never spent much alone time with me and my kids - and well, clearly just didn't care to know my real life.

My life as....Saint Mommy!

While my son was home on leave, he brought my Facebook page to my attention, or the content I should be more clear to say.  I have two pages; my personal page limited to actual friends and family & my "Pages" page open to the world for this blog and general silliness.
My son, a "LIKER" of my page was shocked and appalled that his momma would have the audacity to post a half naked picture of David Beckham on the Facebook Page for others to browse.
I call it a "soccer appreciation moment" for the ladies.  He called it porn.  Really?  Porn?

My son was completely horrified that I actually might like to look at a very hot shirtless man.  I giggle as I type, because he was adamant about keeping my reputation intact.  It was very cute, actually - because if you've been to my page - I don't swear there, I don't allow or share any adult content, I don't post political or controversial stuff...
I just have fun & maybe post a little eye candy every now and then.  Really hardly ever... but apparently, that's porn, lol.

Ahhhh, my child.  Trying to keep momma on the straight and narrow.  Because, ya know - my day of working, shuffling kids around & passing out from exhaustion by 10 pm is entirely too wild and crazy.

For now, and the next I don't know 100 something years I'll be "Saint Mommy" patron saint of the closet hell raisers, like myself.

Thank you for reading my blog!


PS.  If you've been missing my "soccer appreciation moments" on my page, I've stopped out of respect to my son's wishes....


  1. I think I have the split personality thing too. But I also think we need to hold on to that other part of us that was the us before kids ya know?

    Very sweet post, as well as funny!! I can totally relate.:-)

    1. Agreed - we need to maintain who we are.... Admittedly, who I am may become a bit exaggerated under some circumstances of "not getting out much" lol - but as long as my kids aren't there, I'm good :)
      Thank you for commenting, Amy!

  2. I'm just like you. We can't lose who we really are while in the motherhood business. Just can't let the kids know! Until they get older that is and even then as you saw with your son our kids want to keep us 'saintly'. Actually, the incident with your 'overprotective' son is cute and touching!!!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! :) He is very sweet & protective of his momma. I will always be me... but will tone it down for his benefit :)
      Have a great day!

    2. I stopped by again to let you know that I nominated you for the 'Liebster Award' Congratulations!!! Don't forget to stop by at
      and find out about it!

    3. Why thank you!!! :) I'm honored :) xxoo

  3. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Love this! That is so cute that your son is watching out for you, but as my Granny always told me; "Just because you are on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu!"

    Love this, love you (but you already knew that)

    1. Love YOU!! :) <3 Yep, that menu sure does look tasty, doesn't it :) Granny's pretty smart!

  5. Never, ever give up those "soccer" moments. I personally will be outraged if some dumb head hasn't taken the clues on my Facebook page to buy me a copy of "Magic Mike" on dvd for my birthday. I share all those scrum-delicious guys on my Facebook page for all to see, even my kids. My daughter who will be turning 42 even comments on them. I consider guys like Beckham to belong to the world of women. Like salt and pepper on food it is just spice that is best shared. Love your blog and tell your son to lay off. :-)


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