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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now...

One liners really give me something to think about...

Yes, maybe that's a bit more than one line, but between that and another I heard on TV the other night, the mind has really been spinning.  Yes, ignore the smoke & no, don't throw water - I'm OK.

If the title of this blog doesn't ring any bells for you, from the late 60's song "My Back Pages". (as performed by The Byrds in this clip)

Between "I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now." and another line I heard on TV I've really been thinking about life.

I can't quote the TV line exactly - because I just don't remember.  In any case the woman on the show is talking to a guy her age and telling him that she knows he's asking her out because he thinks they're about the same age, but the fact is that she's really about 100 years older than him.

Of course it's a "life experience" thing.
The weight of the world, etc.

In the Bob Dylan song (as I feel it's meant to be interpreted) you're like this snotty know it all teen-ager or 20 something.  You have the bull by the tail, knowing all you need to know about all you need to know - full cup... and all that.  Now, you're this adult - who looks back and laughs at how much you DIDN'T know at all.

For me, it's the mental image of having the weight of the world on my shoulders at such a young age.  I'm definitely "younger than that now."
Although I'm SURE I was a smart ass, know it all 20 something, I had quite a bit of actual life experience & knowledge to back it up.
Stuff I learned way too young.

When I was growing up, I was forced to be older than my years.  Just life stuff that I don't want to dredge up for fear that someone, who's feelings I don't want to hurt, may be reading.  The fact is that at from 7 years old on, I was the main care taker of my younger siblings.  I was washing, feeding and caring for them on a regular basis.  Where ever I went, they went.
I didn't have a real opportunity to participate in organized sports as I'd wanted - or at least not on a regular basis.
I gave up quite a bit.  Things you'd expect to give up as a parent.
I was, truly, old before my time.

In some ways, that was good.  It prepared me for mommy-dom.
On the other hand, I missed out on some really important elements of childhood.  Things you can never get back & some times much of the reason that I act out in totally immature ways now, as an "adult".

I don't plan on changing that - because I have a great time being 12.  Most of my friends enjoy it as well... hubby, well - not so much sometimes, but he does find the humor in it - so I get a pass.

I do feel that I am much more care free now than I ever was at 8, 18 or 22!  I was a fully functioning unit - working, caring for others...Yes, I'm still doing that now - but NOW - I'm enjoying my life.

Living vicariously through my kids - stopping to smell the roses.

Relieved that that weight that was so heavy on my shoulders, from life's crap, has been lifted.

That I've been able to sift out the crap & just live.

I AM younger than that now!

I hope you are too!!

Shed those extra 100 years of stuff and go be 12!

You'll be happy you did!

Big Fat Smoochies!!



  1. Haha... I watched that episode of Grey's Anatomy! A great point she made...
    Life experience does make us a different age than our real age!
    Great post.

    Found you via Baking in a Tornadoe...she shared your post on Facebook.


    PS ~ I'm not on Blogger so I probably show up as a no reply :(

  2. I'm definitely a 12 year old hidden in the body of a 30ish year old mom. It really kinda makes it hard to be taken seriously by the true 11 & 13 year olds in the house....but whatevs, they'll appreciate it when they're grown, right?

  3. Hey, Jenn. Love the song and I do get it. I wasn't forced to take on more than I should have at a young age, but I was one of those teens who thought they knew it all. Lucky for me I now have teenagers who remind me daily of just how little I know!

  4. I can relate, although I guess it depends on the day. I used to be able to stay out all hours, and now, all it takes is a sick little one at 4 am to throw the whole day off!
    LOVE that picture of Max and Ruby. Ha Ha!

  5. I feel younger now than I did when I was 20. Had the weight of the world on my shoulders at that age. You know the drill: "Need to get married, need to have kids, need to keep my job, need to take courses at night school, need everything!" So we all got married too early to the wrong person and had kids that we wound up raising ourselves and never did get the extended education or travel that we really wanted. Know now what the important stuff is and know enough now not to "sweat the small stuff." Love your blog and your Facebook page, keep up the great work. :-)

  6. Younger than I was in my 20's? WTH? I however am pry smarter, friendlier, and more fun than I was back then. I understand now that life will get you when it's ready, until then.. enjoy every day.

    Back then, I worried about everything (I'm still a little that way, but I try to temper it a little)..

    I also am only responsible for myself now, so if I want to skip the tough stuff for a day, I can and it will affect no one but me, as long as I don't skip feeding the dog or the fish.. life is good..

    Plus, I am silly now. I would have never been silly back then.. WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK..

    Now.. pfft. who cares.. everyone knows where the delete button is these days.. lol

  7. Great post! Yeah, I get it. I, too, had some heavy sh*t from time to time as a kid and spent a lot of time being the peacemaker and the only sane person in the house. It's nice to "grow up"...(or down?)!!

  8. Hi! Loving your blog and joining up with the TGIF blog hop from over at :)

  9. I haven't aged mentally or emotionally in about 20 years. The body, however, that's another story.

    Great post!



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