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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't look a gift horse...

Remember the post I took down last week?  The one I replaced with "I am" and I shook off the funk?  Well here it is all cleaned up.  No funk for now... I smiling like it's my job.

I guess we all go through the funk from time to time, right??

As I've mentioned (many, many times) in the past, every year during the month of August, (really July, August & September) I was going through the ick.  That, for me, is time of year that all of the sad stuff in my life is highlighted by "anniversary dates" and culminates into this giant ball of ick that drops on my head.  Sort of like the green goop from that TV show my son used to watch on Nickelodeon when he was little.

Somehow, this year's ick seemed to manifest itself in ways I didn't expect and other people's ick somehow splashed itself all over me!  Eww!

Some of the stuff I could brush it off and say - "hey, hey now...  This isn't mine, it's yours - you take it.  I don't want it."  Other stuff... well, life lessons.

What's up with all of these life lessons??  Not for nothing - but I'm getting pretty old here.  I could really do without all these extra little life lessons.  I guess that's what happens when you don't learn.

This is my fault, I know...

Genuinely, I'm naive.
My daddy raised his daughter to see the best in people, no matter how crappy they may be.  Ya know, sort of like Shallow Hal's vision in the movie of the same name - or "Beer Goggles" for a more familiar term.

When I look at people, I do my best to see beyond the flaming a'hole they may be & search for the good.  This has gotten me in trouble more than once, I might add.  While it's true that most people are inherently good somewhere inside, I'm not sure it always needs to be a project to find the good - or that it needs to be MY project.

My current issue - opportunists...
I'm a giver.  I like to take care of people.  I like to know people are happy and have what they need.  If someone wants or needs something that I can provide it - I try to do that.  If it makes someone else's life easier or helps in some way, great.

I don't do things so people will like me better or praise the almighty Jenn...That would actually make me really uncomfortable!

I'm not someone who puts on a facade
of who I want people to think I am 
& then turn out to be someone else.  
I am a genuine, but terribly flawed human being.  I know this.
I'm just me and I do things because I LIKE to.
Because that's who I am.
End of story!
I'm good with that.

So it makes me wonder...
Why would someone want to tear me down for doing something nice for no damn good reason?  I don't get it.  Am I really THAT naive?

Let me step back to clarify.  I am naive - not stupid.  I know when I'm being taken advantage of and when to put on the brakes.  How about you?  Do you know when to put on the brakes?  Are you the giver or the taker?  Ahhh, something to think about...

There comes a point when no matter how much someone loves you & cares for you, they will step back when they've had enough.

I was blindsided.  I'd have never seen this coming in a million years - which is why the funk.

Is there someone in your life that may be feeling a little taken advantage of?   Someone who gives to you with their whole heart that maybe you've not told that you loved or appreciated lately?

Please go ahead and do that.

You never know what a difference that could make in your day, their day or even in your relationship.

Have a wonderful day & thank you for reading my blog!



  1. I just want to tell you that you are a HUGE blessing in my life and the way that you love others and the perspective you give me on how to handle certain situations is priceless to me! Love you!

    1. Your one comment both brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. I'm so glad I could be here for you. You are an amazing & priceless soul that I am blessed to have crossed paths with. Keep on pushing ahead, girl - Keep on! :) xxooxxoo Love, Love, Love <3


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