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Monday, October 17, 2011

Searching for Jeannie's Bottle.... found surfers

Just back from vacay (now you had to know I was going to blog about vacay)

Both before and after our trip, I scheduled a stay in Cocoa Beach.

Day #1 - not stellar.
We arrived in Orlando during...da da da...Tropical Storm Whatever. Holy rain & wind - made Jersey's weather look fabulous.

We went immediately to the hotel, which was very cool.
Sheraton Four Points Cocoa
They have a GIANT indoor "fish tank" for lack of a better term, with sharks & all kind of sea creatures.  They also have their own surf shop.

We then braved the weather on foot and hit the Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Totally wind blown & soaked.  Unbeknownst to us - Cocoa is a big surfing area.

Even in the rain, Cocoa Beach is a very cool area.  We didn't really get to enjoy it until after our cruise.

Thursday we spent the day exploring Cocoa Beach.  We walked the beach & watched the surfers. They all looked very gnarly, lol.  (gnarley is akin to rad - a late-1980s - early-1990s term, meaning "exceptional", or "cool")

We hung out at the Sunset Grill watched the manatee & dolphins, then set off in search of Jeannie's bottle...  The little town map they give you is very misleading....  We DID NOT find Jeannie's bottle (crap) but I did find I Dream of Jeannie Lane!

The street is locate in Lori Wilson Park, which is beautiful!  The beaches were very clean and uncrowded (but then again, it's October)  The one thing that freaked me out was the fact that raccoons were EVERYWHERE!  Now, here in Jersey - if a raccoon is out during the day - that screams rabies.  Apparently not there.  They were out in droves - packs of 6 or more.  I felt that eerie feeling as if I were in the Alford Hitchcock movie the Birds. I was waiting to be attacked - so we got heck outta of there & hit the beach in a different direction.

After walking all day, I was ready to just sit back & relax with a few tropical drinks.  I was denied Jeannie's bottle, so I had to settle for a margarita in monkey head coconut -  better than nothing I suppose - but will a giant monkey pop out & clean my house and call me Master (or will I be Mistress, hmmmm)???

Stay tuned for further adventures....

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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