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Monday, October 10, 2011

Longing for a small town feeling...

I've lived in Jersey my whole life - with a few random, short term exceptions.

Jersey isn't New York City - but the entire New York/New Jersey/Metropolitan area is just so big, so much.  So many people, so much information - sometimes so overwhelming.

A few months ago, I started listening to a country station, owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications - Hot Country B95 out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  (Clear Channel also owns and operates my favorite Tri-State Area rock station Q104.3 )  Yeah, I don't know exactly how I found it - but I love it!

Now that I've plugged my favorite radio stations, you're welcome :)  The point of my blog...

In listening to my Wisconsin station, I'm constantly smiling at the whole "small town feel".  I love hearing the things local folks say on the station and note that it's sounds so much nicer than it does here.  Nothing against where I live - because I'm a Jersey girl to the bone.  I just love the non-complicated way things seem someplace else.  I love to hear on that station from the woman who saw a man in the tavern in his bathrobe & pajamas.  I love that they call it the tavern & not the bar.  Every day I hear something different & just smile.  I love the whole seeming simplicity of the "not so many people/not so crowded" areas and I wonder - where can I get that?

I  moved as far north in Jersey as I could get without being too far from work, but far enough from people - but you still can't escape the busyness - the crowds - the traffic.

I long for simplicity....  And if it weren't so darn cold out there in the mid-west - I'd actually consider that an escape.  However, here I am in Jersey - longing for that small town feeling - but loving the convenience of everything being right here.  So here I am, here I'll stay.

Thank you to my friends over at B95; Mike McKay, Donuts & Bobby Tripp (sorry if I've left anyone out - these are the only shows I listen to)  Thank you for making this big world a little smaller & making this big ol area of the country have a small town feeling - even if it's just virtually through my computer.  Now if I could only get it beyond this blonde head that your weather doesn't affect me in the slightest, all would be well :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. I did the small town thing for a few years... I was 19. Looking back I think would have enjoyed it more if I were older. Its appealing, things are slower, none of the hustle bustle. A traffic jam was more than 6 cars at the light.

    Then one day you realize that not only does everyone know your name, but also EVERYTHING about you and your comings and goings. You lose your anonymity... which you may feel is no big deal because you don't have anything hide, until its gone.

    Again I was 19 and my view of the world was obscured by ignorance that is inherent in most 19 year olds, so your results may vary...


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