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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing is perfect... and that's Ok

I saw a positing on Facebook a few weeks back, which was very funny....

It went something like "Ahhh Facebook - the place where everything is wonderful, everyone's spouse and children are perfect and the world is a beautiful place."

I totally get the humor in that - because it is true, but that's really not such a bad thing!

I believe that anyone could talk themselves into anything if you say it enough.  Seriously - what better therapy?  There's enough crap in the world trying to drag you down - so why not focus on the positive?  Yeah, your husband could totally piss you off and you could want to trip him as he walks by & you could piss & moan and complain about it - or you could say how absolutely wonderful your husband is.  Which will snap you out of it quicker??  See??  Not so bad!

Nothing is perfect - not on this planet anyway.  How could you ever appreciate the best of the best without experiencing the worst of the worst?

If you're going through hell - you may as well talk about how delicious your chocolate ice cream cone is.  After all, doesn't chocolate make everything better anyway??

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