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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bye, bye for now sandals & flip flops :(

Well, tonight is the long awaited Halloween party of the year (adults only) and I've been "ordered to rest" by my husband since I've been under the weather all week.

Of course, being the stubborn, rebellious female I am... I realized - I need to switch over my shoes!

Sadly, the thermostat has dipped below 60 (boo hiss) my summertime fun officially over & sandal season shall be switched to boot season.

First, I might add - I had a shoe casualty on my cruise...  Sad, sad day - my very favorite pair of strappy dress sandals snapped - and I was told that I may shoe shop!  Woo hoo - I've actually been given PERMISSION to shoe shop.

So this morning, whilst resting with my computer on my lap I ordered 3 pairs of boots and a replacement pair of strappy sandals!!  I am now off to move my pretty, pretty sandals up to the top of my closet and my boots etc to the lower level & make room for their new friends!

Yeah, I'm still not quite feeling up to par (still working on it) but  I ask...what better therapy than retail therapy??

Enjoy your day & thank you for reading my blog!


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