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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I forget...

Ok, so not only do I have the getting older thing against me - but I've also got what's called "Lupus Fog"

Can I just say - NOT AT ALL appreciating God's sense of humor on this one...

I've accepted several of the bumpy roads in my life & just chalked it up to my own stupidity and for purposes of God's entertainment (you're welcome big Guy), but this forgetting - not so much fun.

I can't even say how many times I will walk into a room for something specific and sit there looking around, la la la - turn around and forget about it and then remember a half hour later & go through the exact same process.

This happens with everything - keys, appointments - you name it!

Luckily I haven't forgotten any kids anywhere & I'm still spot on at work - but I dread the day when my boss asks me for the monthly financials and I completely go blank.  Let's just hope that day doesn't come, shall we??

Now where was I?

A while back I heard an old skit on one of the comedy stations; Father Guido Sarducci, from Saturday Night Live!  Anyone remember him??  In any case, he had a skit about when you go to Heaven, the first thing you see there is a box with your name on it.  That box contains everything you've ever lost (or put in that special place so you don't lose it) while here on earth.  I have been obsessively scanning the internet for a clip, but can't find it anywhere - ANYWAY..

How awesome would THAT be & how fun is that to look forward to??  While waiting on line to get into Heaven's gates - you get your box of stuff you lost.

I'm wondering if I would even be able to carry  my box??  I guess it's going to have wheels on it.

Now I forget, what's this blog about?

Thank you for reading my blog anyway :)


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