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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Friend Request... People can change...mostly, Right?

Talking to a friend one day, she mentioned that someone from her past - that she never wanted to deal with again contacted her on Facebook.

Knowing the story, I understood both sides of that thought fear.

I understood why she wouldn't want to add this particular person, but I also know this other person, know the situation and know why this other person wanted to add her to their list.

People change.  Memories don't!

Several  years ago, these two people were involved.  They could have been friends, family, in love - whatever - no specifics.  In any case, one did the other incredibly wrong.  So wrong that hearts were severely broken.

It seemed to be a ten year event that they would try again.  Time would pass & there was something deep within each of them, or an event that drew them back to each other.  There was history.  There was a connection.  There was always an outside force putting them back into each other's path.

Each meeting told them in a different way - you and I can not have a connection.  It's too painful.

Ten years had passed again.  My friend thought for sure their bridge had been chopped to bits.

No one would try to cross the bridge, or make contact ever again.  There was an understanding.  They knew.

But there it was - the friend request.

Each prior decade had shown a new and different change.  Could this one be better?  Is it this time that they can finally find common ground?  Or, is it once again a waste of human emotion to even try?

I know each of these people.  I know the love.  I know the pain.  I know the curiosity.  I know they will continue to stay in each other's lives.

One way or another.  Like it or not.

Can people really change?

Yes, mostly they do continue to change and hopefully grow.

I'd both make and accept the Friend request.  Knowing on both ends that there is an un-friend button.

...even if it's just for the next nine and a half years.

Thank you for reading my blog!!



Hold on to the night.  Hold on to the memories...

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