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Thursday, September 20, 2012

May to September Romance…

The memories alone could evoke butterflies and make your heart skip a beat.

While walking through the campground with my daughter on our last vacation hurrah of the summer – my mind drifted back to my very first May to September “romance.”

It was the summer before my 13th birthday.
I was with my grandparents for the summer and staying at a campground in Myrtle BeachSC.  I remember it clearly, because it was also the year I was stung by a Portuguese Man-O-War.  I remember, not only because that little stint almost killed me – but because it was the first time I met a boy on vacation.

Random pic from internet.
I can’t even remember his name, all I can truly remember is the blond hair blue eyed boy who made sure I got home from the pool safely every day, even though it was only thirty feet away from the unit where I was staying.  

At 13, the last place I wanted to be was stuck with my grandparents all the time.  Of course I loved them, but I was a blossoming young woman.  I wanted to meet friends.
I didn’t meet girls at first.  There were boys everywhere.  I was less than thrilled.  That was, until I turned the corner & crashed heads with the cutest blond hair, blue eyed boy I’d ever seen at the time.  I was knocked off my feet by the crash, sent to the ground on my butt.

After he shook out the stars he was seeing, he rushed to help me up & made sure I was OK.  He was so sweet.  He helped me up & then held onto my arm and walked me back to our unit – taking me in and letting my grandmother know I needed an ice pack and maybe a nap.  I can still remember how endearing that was to me.  How much I loved that this cute young boy wanted to take care of me – to be sure I was OK.  My grandparents, being proper, were none too thrilled that my first friend was a boy.

We walked to the pool and playground together every day.  He even helped me to watch my brothers.  When I wasn’t expecting it, he held my hand.

That set the precedent every boy after had to meet up to and perhaps also instilled in me, my love of RV camping.

I'm not completely sure this qualifies as an actual summer romance, but it does certainly bring back to mind those May to September days.  The days that country singers sing of.  Summer romances that set your heart afire.  No rules, no schedules – just summer fun.

Until September, when summer ends and everyone goes home...
With hearts and minds full of new memories that make you smile, maybe gasp for a small bit of air as your heart skips a beat.

The "romances" that are only meant to last a few months -  so you get a small taste of what real love is actually like.

Breath taking…




  1. Oh how well I remember those, Jenn. Growing up in Wildwood, I worked on the boardwalk every summer, and met so many boys, and lots of them walked me home after work, going to the beach with them during the days. What great memories this brings back to me.


    1. Ohhhh down the shore.... Thanks Jersey girl :)

  2. You have me sitting at work reminiscing about many summers past. Ahhh. <3

    1. That makes me smile!! I'm glad I could bring you back :)


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