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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hot Flash, Hot Flash Go AWAY

Oh my gosh,
I'm fanning myself as I type this out - SERIOUSLY.

I know that I am not the only woman on this planet to be plagued with hot flashes, but mercy - please!

The past few days, they've been coming like a freight train - one passes,  here comes the next.  Please don't tell me to lay off the caffeine.  Do you want someone to get hurt?

Along with my raging hot flashes come my raging mood swings.  Think PMS with a rocket up my butt.  Uncontrollable irritation over everything.  Coupled with the joy and excitement of silliness. Followed by the tears and sorrow over absolutely nothing.  You thought I was "Sybil" before.

Not loving this, I have to say.  My moods irritate me - but mostly it's everyone else that needs to deal with my crap.

These flippin' hot flashes - they affect ME!

If you are on my Facebook page, you saw the little "joke" the other day about my male co-worker trying to rescue me from a hot flash.

That was an actual moment.  Sweet yes - effective, no.

There I was, fanning myself like a mental patient.  Red in the face, sweat forming on my brow - dying mid hot flash.  He passed my office & immediately asked if I needed help.  I told him I was OK, just having a hot flash...

He panicked and brought me water, to which he was met with, "unless you're going to dump that over my head, it's not going to help.  Thank you anyway." He didn't get it.  That's OK.  He did utter, as he walked away, "I don't understand you women."

I giggle now, even as I'm flashing like a dirty old man in a trench coat at the moment.  He couldn't get it.

Please, if there's a man reading this - don't give me crap. I do acknowledge this was a very sweet gesture on his part.  I also understand that he has a young wife and probably didn't see his first wife, or his mom go through this crap.  He had no idea what was going on.  Just that I was a sweaty, red faced mess.

Truth be told, I'd much rather have had that water dumped down the front of my shirt, where it would have felt the best.  Stating so, however, would have resulted in a sexual harassment suit against me.

This stuff is no joke.  If it is, it's a cruel one.

So how long does this crap go on??  I'm told YEARS.  I'm not sure I can be trusted to control myself this long.  I was stripping off my sweat shirt, in public, in the rain, last night at my daughter's football game.  (yes, I had a tank top on under)  It wasn't warm.  It was a damp, raining night.  I just needed to feel that glorious coolness all over my skin.  At least until I stopped sweating & began to freeze.

What will be next?  Never mind, I don't want to know.

Thank you for reading my blog!!



  1. Hi Jenn, I'm a new follower! I like the way you write things. Hot flashes? Oh Yeah! I got them, too. And the mood swings and the irritability, and, and,..... I've heard it can last up to ten years. Hopefully, not for us, or somebody will get hurt! Hah, hah, hah!!!

  2. Ooooh, Honey- it's bad! Especially when they wake you up at night, then the sleep deprivation feeds the mood swings. I remember going to stand outside, in my pj's in the middle of winter because it felt SO good to be that cool. Another trick is to stand barefoot on a cold tile floor if possible and drink cold water. Something about having your feet cold helps slow down the momentum of the beast. I'm on hormone replacement therapy and while I'm usually always warm when everyone else says they're comfortable, the flashing has stopped and the mood swings are leveling off. Good luck!! Lisa S.

  3. I remember my poor mom going through them and you're so right--it's hard to understand how miserable they are until you have one. Yes, I've had one or two even though I'm only in my early thirties and they are so terrible! I've noticed too that now everyone else is freezing I'm hot--so embarrassing! Love you, hang in there!

  4. I'm in the early stages and am NOT ready for the full on flames just yet.



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