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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finally, separate rooms!

No, no - not the hubby and I.  The girls!

Believe me, I've been tempted at times - did I mention hubby could wake the dead with his snoring?  Refer to my Jeannie Bottle post for more on that one.  For now... it's the short ones.

No, we must not enter the room of the Kyle
After more than 5 months of keeping my dear, sweet son's room a shrine - just like he left it (but clean) I've decided to cave in and give the 9 year old back her own room and move the short one to my son's old room.

Let's face it - my son is in San Diego.  He's not coming back!  I wouldn't.  Sniff, Sniff.

The short ones were fighting relentlessly on Saturday
& that was it.

This one wants her privacy to change her clothes - the other wants her toys out of the room RIGHT NOW.  The door is locked, she's climbing on my bed, she's wearing my clothes, she's touching my stuff, it's her mess not mine -- enough!

Did I mention I had a killer migraine on Saturday?  If I were able to even open my eyes to see them, there would have been big trouble!

On that, all day Sunday was spent moving the rest of Kyle's stuff to the basement or bins, whatever.  He's still got some drawers that will remain his forever & the law has been laid to NOT TOUCH Ky-Ky's stuff.  I moved clothes in, changed bedding, ironed curtains, took down manly posters & hung Justin Bieber (though not in the way I'd hoped, he irritates the crap out of me.)  Voila - girlie room.

At first the short one said she was afraid to sleep in the room alone.  She expressed her woes to the 9 year old, who didn't particular care what she had to say - she's out!  Then she took a peek.  She ran to the teenage twit on the wall & gave him kisses -jumped up onto her new bed -looked in the drawers and at her toys and her own space & fell in girlie love.

At bedtime last night, you'd think they were never going to see each other again.  Warm embraces - good night dear sister.  I love you and I will miss you. Good night little one - may you sleep tight & be well.  They bode each other a fond good night & set off to bed in separate rooms.

It was a thing of beauty!

Both girls slept well.

Neither woke during my mommy alone time.
(prior to 7 am)
I had to wake them.

All is right with the world!

I should have thought of this sooner!

Have a great day all!

As always, thank you for reading my blog!


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