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Monday, May 14, 2012

Would you push the do-over button?

My friend, Carrie @ Carrie's Experimental Kitchen, gave me some great fodder for my blog today.

If you had full access to a Do-Over button, but could only use it once - would you use it?

Think carefully before you hit that little button full on!

Think of all the repercussions of a total Do Over...

The things that you love in your life now - Poof - May not even be a possibility...

Oooh...  The things I'd like to erase.
Trust me - I've been no saint in my little life.  I've got stuff that I'm not so proud of, that I sometimes think I'd like to do over in a different way.  Just a little do over... but it's all or none.

The fact is - I know that I'd screw it up.  Guaranteed!

At the touch of a button, my world would disappear and I'd get a total do over.

Would I not have dated so & so?  Yes, I certainly would have!  I'm quite sure I wouldn't have acted much differently either.  I am who I am.  So there's - one down.  Would I have done this or that?  Some stuff I should have foregone - but good lessons.  (and great stories)  I may not have married X - but then, if I didn't, I wouldn't have my child and I may have never met my husband.  That's an awfully big chance to take.

My life would certainly have been very different.  I might not have been trolling the internet with my friend, Robin & I might have been in a whole other state doing something completely different.

My life, as I know it - may not exist at all.  How sad.

My life paths have ended up pretty close to the same place - just with a few detours and bumps in the road along the way.

I do know I wouldn't take the chance of not meeting the cross roads that led me to where I am today.

I would not push the button, because I know - that along with all the bad stuff, and poor decisions I may want to erase - I would also miss out on the joy and the wonder a well.

For sure, I wouldn't change a thing.

So, how about you?  Would YOU push the do-over button?

It's always a coin toss
Thank you for reading my blog!



  1. no, I wouldn't push the button, but it is very tempting!t wedding song is a song called "All My Roads by Chris Rice. The lyrics basically say that all of our roads have led to each other. See if you can find it, it's really pretty.

  2. Absolutely not! Though I would also like to erase many parts of my life, those experiences made me who I am today and I wouldn't change a thing. :)

  3. Nope! I like you certainly have things that I wish I could change but if I changed those I might not get the happy stuff either. And that would never work because I love my hubby too much! :)


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