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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

-isms from the Neighborhood Kids

I love being the house that the neighborhood kids feel comfortable to come hang out at.

Granted, they're all under 13 so far, but it's good groundwork to lay.

Kyle was the perfect example, to this mom, of how important it is to keep kids busy (think out of trouble) & making kids feel that they have a safe & comfortable place to go and hang out.  Even the youngins.

For now, it's me and the short ones.  Which again - we love.  They're all just so stinkin' cute!

On Mother's Day, after things began to wind down - I finally relaxed, poured myself a glass of wine & decided to sit out back in the hammock and watch the kids on the trampoline.  When they noticed how comfy I was on the hammock, they decided to join me.

I had 7 year old on one side and 5 year old on the other.  Here's conversation #1

7 year old, "Miss Jenn, is she your sister?"

Moi, "No, she's my sister in law"

7 year old, "What does that mean?"

Moi, "It means she's Wag's sister, so she's my sister in law"

7 year old, "Oh, so she's a Waggy People"

Moi, (laughing, of course) "Why yes, she IS a Waggy People"

5 year old, "Well how about Ben's mom?  Is she a Waggy People, or is she a Miss Jenn People"

Moi, laughing harder "Nope, she's a Waggy People too"

5 year old:  "Are there any Miss Jenn people?"

Moi:  "Not here.  You could be a Jenn people if you want."

5 year old:  "Nope - I'm a Jack people"

Change in line of questioning: interrogation (for purposes of this portion of questioning):

5 year old:  "Miss Jenn, what are you drinking?"

Moi:  "I'm drinking a glass of wine.  Whoops, don't jump - I don't want to spill it."

5 year old:  "Why don't you want to spill it?  Do you like it that much?  Can't you just get more?"

Moi:  "Yes, I could get more - but I want to enjoy this glass and I don't want to have to do laundry."

5 year old:  "Don't you like laundry?"

7 year old:  "My mom doesn't like laundry."

5 year old:  "I don't think moms like laundry.  Do you like to drink?"

Ha... There it is...

Moi:  "Yes, I do like to drink sometimes."  (Trying to answer the question appropriately and steer away from alcohol related questioning.)

5 year old:  "Well, do you like to drink everyday?"

Oh boy...  Where is this going, I now wonder...  Again, trying to give an appropriate answer to 5 year old, but totally taking advantage of the ability to answer honestly sarcastically without anyone catching on.

Moi:  "Well sometimes, I'd LOVE to be able to drink everyday, but I don't.  It's not good for you."

Oh little bunny... little bunny wabbit....
5 year old:  "Well, I LOVE to drink every day and I'd like to drink all day long."

Ohhhh the innocence of children.

The same cute, funny little boy also told me he was leaving the Easter Bunny beer & a bologna sandwich!  I love it!

Eeek, and I thought he was just missing his bologna sandwich!

I think that it's awesome that their parents are raising these kids with such a great sense of humor.  A sense of humor is desperately needed while entering our little residential zone.

You just never know what's coming out of the mouths of anyone here, but I'm always waiting for the next laugh.

Because kids surely DO say the darndest things!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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