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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Dream of Jeannie's Bottle...

My girlfriends and I joke about how married couples should have separate bedrooms.

No one's lost that lovin' feeling - we just want to sleep!

If you're newly married - or you haven't been married yet, this may sound just awful, but some women (or men) are reading this thinking wow - what a great idea.

Think about it!

Men could have their man cave and we women could have our pretty, pretty room.  There would would also be the conjugal visit room for attempted overnights & potential kid nightmares.

Personally, my husband snores LOUDLY, every night, in my face.  Yayy me.  I nudge him, I push him, I try to roll him - but nope - louder than a freight train.

In my pretty, pretty room - the walls would be sound proof!  Think "I Dream of Jeannie" (Thank you, Donna) - Big fluffy pillows, lots and lots of big fluffy pillows, pretty drapes, plush carpeting & a comfy corner chair next to a big bay window.  Ahhhh... and nice & clean with no man hairs or dirty socks strewn about.

It's Ok - my husband can have his own special room too with a big 42" plasma screen TV & whatever else he needs to do his "man things".  I don't ever need to go in there.  He could put his things wherever he wants.  I won't care about the socks all over the place or that all of his dirty clothes would be on the floor NEXT TO the hamper.  He can even snore as loud as he wants - whenever he wants.  Heck, I can't hear it - my walls are soundproof!!

It's Ok, he can come visit my room.  He just can't stay.  He will need to go back to his own room.  (Don't forget, there's still the conjugal visit room.)

Don't roll your eyes & pretend this doesn't sound good.

Really, I do like sleeping in the bed with my husband, but there are some nights I'd really just like to sleep.  I know he feels the same on nights when I have insomnia & I'm tossing, turning and constantly getting out of bed keeping him awake.

Ah yes, my Jeannie Bottle - it all sounds so wonderful - but POOF - reality...  My hubby will snore.  I will toss and turn and we'll both roll over in the morning exhausted - still happy to see the other's face.

Time to plod on, yawning through another day.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. I know plenty of people who have seperate rooms for sleeping. Especially seniors.


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