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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dancing to the beat of a different drummer

I am not normal!

There I said it.  Whew, that's a relief!  What is "normal" anyway??  Isn't it relative??

I definitely have different ways of thinking and saying things that sometimes make people shake their head, or laugh with an "Ohhh, Jenn."

I will state flat out - I am a believer.  I believe in the power of God and I believe that He has a master plan for me and I believe that He sent His son Jesus Christ to save me from my sins.  I believe that the only way to the Father is through the Son.  I believe in the Bible & what it teaches.

I also believe in ghosts.  Well, spirits left behind.  I believe this very specifically because when I was younger, my dad's house was seriously haunted.  To this, I have several witnesses.  I loved my dad and all, but if I was going to his house for the weekend - I was taking friends with me so I didn't have to sleep in my room alone!  (please feel free to chime in, you know who you are) It was seriously creepy!  I don't understand it, but I believe it.

Because I believe in God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, I also believe in Heaven.  However, I believe that I will need to wait on line before I can get in.  I know I'm going, I just think the Big Guy is going to have quite a lot to say to me.  There will be others with less to account for, and others with more - but this is my mental picture.  Sort of like the waiting room in the movie Beatlejuice, but absolutely incredible.  It's OK if I need to wait on line - because not only is time relative, but I KNOW there's dancing in Heaven!  I love to dance!!  I'm quite sure that while I'm on line, I will be dancing with the angels & best of all I'll get to speak directly with God.  I believe it all to be wonderful.

Both of these things, I've gotten the head shake & the words "that's not Biblical" and yes, I know - but this is a way better line of thinking than others.  I also think that even God shakes His head & laughs.  After all - He is fully responsible for my sense of humor.  Thank you Big Guy, You rock!  :)

I do also believe that when I do get my chance to come face to face with the Almighty, that I will drop to my knees and be in total awe.

He has given me a lot to be thankful for & one of them is that I am NOT at all normal!

And I am thankful for all of you...

Thank you for reading my blog!


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