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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What'd she just say?

I usually try to keep my blog posts clean and free of anything that might offend people...

When it comes to kids, especially young ones, and the things they say - all bets are off.

Our short one is slated to give us a run for our money.  She's just the cutest little thing, but she's a bit on the needy side and wants to make an impression.  A BIG impression!  She's also very smart.  Always listening and always ready to use what she's learned in any situation that it will bring attention to her.  Sometimes this is wonderful.  Sometimes it's a head shaking moment for momma.

Mornings are difficult here.  Hubby leaves super early - so there are three "girls" with three very different and strong personalities, trying to get ready for the day.  I...need my coffee and am not a morning person.  The short one...needs a stick of dynamite under her to get moving, and my older girlie just rolls with it most of the time (as she's bickering with the short one.)

One particular morning before school let out, I hear them bickering at the front door.

"NO, it's MY turn to stand first in line at the door."
"There's NO LINE at the door, GOSH."

And then, what I heard - I had to mentally question before I freaked out.... Because the next phrase I heard was....

"OUCH!"  (and a falling to the floor noise)  "You just hit me in the nuts.  My NUTS ARE KILLING ME."

WHAT the heck did she just say??  

So here's where mommy questions what she heard...  Did the short one just say that she got hit... in the nuts???  REALLY??

Enter mom...  Scratch that... Enter totally ANGRY mom getting ready to address the issue of the short female speaking in that way....

What do I see, but the short one on the ground holding her crotch stating that her "nuts are killing her."  UGH.... 

Ok, party's over kid...

First of all child, you are a GIRL.  Girls do not have "nuts".  "Nuts" are a slang, not nice term to describe boy parts - which you DO NOT HAVE - Because YOU are a GIRL!

Then she launched into the entire drama on how the older was swinging her lunch box and accidentally hit her in the "nuts."

AGAIN child....  You do NOT have those.  Does your private part hurt?

"NO... my NUTS hurt."

OMG Stop saying that!!  PLEASE stop saying that.

At this point, I was really just trying to not laugh... because, ya know... she was going for the full drama of the event and taking what she learned from a boy and projecting it upon herself....

It became time for a talk.  Not THE talk, but certainly A talk so that she will fully understand that at no time will she ever be hit in the "nuts".  Nor will she ever fall to the ground in excruciating pain for being hit in the non existent set.

Yeah, this one's going to give us a run for the money.

I almost can't wait for the next, "What'd she just say?"


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  1. Wonder if the little boy she obviously heard this from is at his house saying, "I can't go to school today. I just feel bloated." ;)



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