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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gonna Party... It's NOT my Birthday....

Is there any doubt at all that a picture like this can only be brought about by the plotting and planning of diabolical husbands??

Of course there's no doubt!

While we were on vacation we were able to meet up with our friends Carrie, from Carrie's Experimental Kitchen, her hubby Don and their kids.

They were going to be at Animal Kingdom Park.  We were going to be at Animal Kingdom Lodge - so OF COURSE, the only thing that made sense was that we meet up and go play!  Yayyyy!!  Love them!!

Finding a dinner spot was a feat, so we decided to head over to Downtown Disney to see what we could come up with.  After putting our names on several 2 hour waiting lists, we came upon Paradiso.  A bar/restaurant with really good Spanish food and obviously... Margaritas.

Our crowd, without the help of adult beverages, is pretty unique....  One bouncy 6 year old, 2 silly / goofy pre-teens, a teenager trying to pretend she doesn't know any of us... and the four of us goofy adults laughing like escaped mental patients.  Yeah...  It's like that.

We ordered food, and drinks.  Mr. Cuervo???  He's a sneaky little bugger. He strolls in disguised as a chick named Margarita and the next thing ya know, I'm all smiles making friends with strangers, trying to get a little girl to share her bubble gun with me (she was going to, ya know).  The next thing I know... my 75th drink is empty...  What the heck???

So my ever loving and wonderful hubby orders me a new drink.  I see whispering among the men and the waitress - meh, I don't care.  I want the bubble gun.  Oooh pretty, pretty bubbles...

Next thing I know - this giant Margarita is in front of me....  served up with the challenge - YOU MUST FINISH.   Pfffft... Don't you people know who you're dealing with??  Margarita & Jose - they're my friends.  My buddies.  My PALS...

Challenge accepted.

I began my drink journey, (picture above snapped) laughing, watching bubbles, being all "Jenn" and I hear singing....

Admit it, you want one...

Not mine
Ooooooh.... it's someone's birthday!!!


So I'm singing.  I'm clapping.  I'm dancing.  Happy Birthday To you.. Happy Birrrrthdayyyyyyyy

...And the cake plops in front of me.


It's not my birthday....

You guysssssssssssss.....

Can you not see it in their eyes???  D.I.A.B.O.L.I.C.A.L.!  :)
Let this be a rule to you, friends...
When your hubby & your friend's hubby are both diabolical AND they get along this famously, NEVER, EVER, EVER trust them to whisper anything to anyone.

Or this could be you!

Happy Unbirthday to ME!

....shortly there after almost $100 was spent at the Candy Caldron.

Margarita, Jose - my children thank you.
(Don, I owe you!)

Thank you ever so much for reading my blog!


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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAA!!! They were sneaky weren't they and I forgot about the pretty bubbles! At first I thought you had a typo and meant "gum", but then I'm saying to myself "I don't remember her asking for any gum?" Must have been that french chick Pinot distracting me. ;) And that picture of them is VERY diabolical..Bad..Bad..Husbands!

  2. Oh, I was smiling the whole time I read this! It sounds like you had such an awesome vacation...I just wish we could have met up somehow! My husband would have done the same thing to you--he loves to pull pranks on people. AND I WANT THAT MARGARITA!!!!

  3. Maybe next trip, a little payback is in order. . . .MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Lol Sounds like a blast, though! And hey! Who isn't down for a free cake and bubbles? ;)

  4. Sounds like a blast!!! There's something so fun and wonderful about having a food friend whose husband gets along well with your own husband so that they can do fun (ok and diabolical) things like that!! Happy Non-Birthday! How was your head feeling the next day, anyway??


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