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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Amazing Adventures of Jenn-eye..... (you should see the otha guy)

Hey... How YOU doin?

Pretty, huh??

Oh, the otha guy??  Hmmmmm....

Yeah, it's like this...
the otha guy?

"He" still can't move.

Yeah, that's right... I'm from Clifton.  I'm tough!  One round with me and "he's" still just standing there.  Suspended in time.  Can't move.

Enter Jenn-eye.

I was just sitting there, minding my own business.  My girls doing their thing.  First drink in hand, not even a sip had.

Short one, in Mickey pool.  Bigger one on the Aqua Duck.  Hubby by my side and nice comfy deck chair under my butt.  I set my lovely margarita down and go to scoot up my deck chair to get a better view of my kids and....

No, it wasn't Mickey who hit me... the "guy" behind him

Deck railing to the face.  Yeah, can you believe it?   Pfft....

Oh, why didn't I see the GIANT deck railing directly in front of me??  Have ya met me?  I am lucky I can walk across the room without tripping over my own two feet... so deck railing in front of my face ... what's to see??

All I remember is BAM... Grabbing my face and falling back.  Apparently I yelled, really loudly - because I heard my husband saying, "Are you alright?  Are you OK?  You're making a scene."
In my brain, I'm saying -- did I break my cheek bone?  Should I go to the medic?  Shit, did he just kick over my drink?  He kicked over my drink. Wow, this hurts like hell.  I'm making a scene?  I don't friggin' care... Finally I sat up & the drink dude came over with a 2 for 1....  My husband bought and gave me both drinks (I needed them) and then ran to get me ice.

I scared the crap out of both of us....

Do we laugh about this every single second?  Yes....
Is this a total shock to my husband?  Um, no...
Frankly, I think he's surprised this doesn't happen every single day.
So we just laugh.  Even though it really hurts to laugh.  Or smile.  Or talk...

Meh, whatever....

So the otha guy that can't move?  Deck railing.

Score 1 point deck railing...

For me....  A souvenir from the Disney Cruise... Jenn-eye.

Isn't it pretty?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. Ok, So that's your story and your sticking to it?

  2. OUCH! I still can't believe you did that. ME..YES! lol


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