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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Messin' with the hubby....

Ok, so if you haven't read this previously - my husband does the grocery shopping.

Mostly because I hate Shop Rite's cold cut line & the gossipy older folk who pretend to not hear you say excuse me 12 times, because they're blocking the aisle bs'ing - but also because he thinks he's saving money.  I say go for it babe.

With this in mind, I sometimes like to goof on my husband by putting off hand items on the grocery list, and sometimes some sexy things to make him smile when he's shopping.

So this past weekend, he decided he was going to go grocery shopping after church.  Me - now I KNOW that's NEVER the time to shop, because the sales start Sunday & once church empties out - the grocery store fills up.  It just is...

Anyway, he went and took our daughter with him and, oops - he made her in charge of the list.  This was not embarrassing for ME - because I'm not daddy, I wasn't there & I'd have totally turned it around and distracted her in another way.  Hubby, not so much....

So what was on the list this time??  KY Yours & Mine, lol

Another thing you should know is that our daughter calls my son Ky-Ky.

They are shopping along & he has the list in "aisle order" to make it easier.  To be fair, I'm also anal in that way & would have done the same thing.  Almost at the end of grocery shopping, with our daughter still in charge of the list, between milk, eggs & bread sits KY Yours & Mine.

So my daughter is reading off the list - out loud of course in the bread aisle, and says,
"Hey Daddy - what's this Ky-Ky Yours & Mine?  What is mommy looking for exactly?"  Ha ha!

Have I mentioned (if you're not in our town) that the bread, egg, milk aisle is also shared with the very crowded, slow cold cut line?

The mental picture of my husband's face in my mind cracks me up as I type....  How does daddy explain it to his daughter??  Who knows, lol.  What I do know is that when they unpacked the groceries, on my kitchen counter sat KY Yours & Mine.  No questions - nothing said, there it was.

But the ear to ear grin & red face of my husband - again, priceless....

Not making fun of my hubby.  It's all in good fun.  Don't you worry, I'll have my turn in the barrel.  Next time, I'll (try) to be more careful what goes on the list, or he'll just have to monitor it himself.  'Cause ya just never know :)

You can't make this stuff up :)

Thank you for reading my blog!



  1. Now that's funny... good one Jenn!
    Have fun, but don't bother posting any product reviews, OK? that would fall under TMI...

  2. Awesome.... Gotta remember to do that to my hubby when he gets home and takes a child to the commissary with him hehehe

  3. This is hilarious and very clever! New follower from the TGIF blog hop!



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