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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Answer to the Cranky Old Man... Well, How was YOUR day?

I like to read other people's blog posts.  Well, DUH, I'm a blogger.  I'm not THAT self absorbed that I only  write my own and expect the world to bow down at my feet.  OK, maybe a little.

While reading over at the Cranky Old Man's page and came across his post "How Was Your Day?" (You can read that post by clicking on the blog title).  I thought it would be fun to "rebut" his post from the perspective of the Millennial Mom.  No disrespect, of course...

So, Joe - thank you  for indulging me.

Please go on over to the Cranky Old Man' page.  He's pretty cool for a cranky old guy.

Dear 70's / 80's Dad:

I'm not even gonna ask how your day was, because I'm quite sure it was sheer H.E.L.L.!

Can I tell you?  I'd trade places in a second!  Maybe with you, because being a stay at home mom is a bitch too!

Let me share my day with you and give you a little run through in the day of a "Millennium Mom"  - A Millennium working mom.

5:30 am - The hubby has just left for work, so I decide that it's also time for me to get up.  I stumble out of bed and head directly toward the coffee maker.  Feed the cat & work to caffeinate quickly.  I have an hour and a half of peace and quiet until the heathens wake and disrupt the sanctity of my morning.

7 am - They're up and already fighting because one got to the toilet quicker than the other.  For the love of all that's holy - go pee in the other toilet kid.  While trying to ignore the incessant bickering, I prepare clothing for children's school day, pack lunches, get breakfast on the table and hit the shower.

7:15 am ish - My gosh, they're arguing AGAIN.  Mommmm she's copying me.  I try to ignore and quickly hide in my room to dress and prep for my day.  Knock, knock, knock - MOMMMMM  I need YOUR mirror.  Ugh...  #2 How come SHE can come in your room but I can't?

7:45 am - Crunch time.  Are they dressed?  Is their hair brushed?  Teeth brushed?  Beds made?  Do I have lunches in the back pack?  Is my lunch prepared?  Crap - what will dinner be...  let's take out chicken.  Yeah, chicken will do.  Heathens in unison, "Chicken AGAIN?  We just had chicken.  I want Spaghetti OOOOO's."  Is it too early for wine?  Will they frown upon a wine-o at work?  Just a random thought...

Still racing through the house ... the 8 am "Get the Led out" is on the radio. I have 5 minutes to have them at the bus stop.
Husband calls.  "Hey, I just called to say good morning.  What are you doing?"
Ohhhhh, you know - I'm just sitting here with my feet up, awaiting my full body massage & eating bon bons.  You?  (Yeah, that's sarcasm.)  Crap, the bus is here.  Gotta go - bye.

I grab the kids and race to the bus stop.  The short one, of course left the bedroom light on and didn't brush her hair. The 10 year old thinks that a hoodie is perfectly acceptable to wear in 10 degree weather.  Lord help me.

Fortunately, I remembered to warm up my truck - but... I still need to shut down the stuff the kids left on, lower the heat... all those things I do to be a frugal mommy.  I get into my car and hit the highway where there is, of course, traffic.  And CRAP - I forgot to actually take that chicken out of the freezer.

I live North.  North is where we city folk move to get away from the city. There is one major highway,  which means that every idiot on the planet is hitting the highway the same time as me.  I also have road rage. I get cut off about 3 times and selfishly giggle to myself when the jerk behind me rear ends me, mentally thanking my husband for leaving the trailer hitch on.  How's your grill buddy?  I digress.

I intentionally get to work 15 - 20 minutes early to settle in.  Not today, today I come in - to a ringing phone.    I rush to turn off the alarm and grab the phone.  It's the "Mother Ship" a.k.a. our parent company.  They're mad.  They want to know why XYZ was shipped to Puerto Rico when it should have gone to Venezuela.  I'm not in the shipping department, but since I am who I am there... I do the work.  No one's happy.  Three customer calls, one angry sales person call and 4 angry "alien" calls - I am either shaking from anger, stress or too much caffeine.  Hard to tell.

2:30 pm - I leave the office & race home to get the children off the bus. Ugh, dinner.  Wendy's it is...

3 PM - Kids exit the bus - bickering.  Can I go to so & so's house?  I have Girl Scouts.  Can you bake 956 cup cakes by 4 pm for my Girl Scout meeting.  I said you'd do it.  I have cheer leading, I have karate.  OMG. Calgon take me away.

3 days a week the short one has counselling.  2 days a week the older has cheer practice.  1 day a week there is tumbling.  Let's throw karate and cheer competitions in there as well.  All activities perpetually over lap one another, so I'm in and out of the house daily until about 8:30 pm.  I squeeze in dinner, a few loads of laundry, run the vacuum, dishwasher, pay the bills and whatever else needs to be done.

8:30 PM -  I finally get home.  Hubby is perched at the dining room table reading the paper and wondering where dinner is.

So, how was YOUR day?

Ever sincerely,
The Millennial Momma
(formerly stay at home mom / single mom)

I hope you enjoyed my slightly tongue in cheek version of my day.  I'd love to say this is total fiction - but sadly this is, mostly, an actual day in the life.

Cheers :)

Again, thank you to Joe for indulging me and thank you all for reading my blog!

Have a great day!


**  As a side note, this blog post is in no way meant to put Joe "in his place".  I absolutely adore Cranky Old Man.  He reminds me of my dad & step dad while I was growing up - except, ya know - he'd be my really cool uncle since he's too young to be my dad.  No disrespect :) Thank you again, Joe for indulging my sillinesss. **


  1. THAT was a great read this morning. Thanks for the peek into your day. I think we should all write out our day and have a blog hop (or something).

  2. Thank you! So cool that you actually had time to post!!

  3. My day, "back in the day" was a piece of cake compared to moms who pull double duty.

    It still sucked!

    Cranky Old Man

  4. Spending my career self employed I had a bit of both your's and Joe's days. Hard as I tried I just couldn't get the military school to accept my kids until they were at least potty trained. ;)


  5. Swinging by from the blog hop. I am your newest follower. I would love it if you get the chance to swing by the Nifty Thrifty Family.


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