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Monday, March 25, 2013

One kind word can change everything...

Throughout this month I've had several guest bloggers share their words for my version of "Mental Health March".

Those words, although difficult to pen, have been shared with the kindness of heart in an effort to help another.  Those words have made a difference to many already.

That does my heart really good, as this is my way to honor my dad.

I focus on the words right now, 
because it really is amazing how powerful a few simple words can be.
Sometimes without the speaker / writer ever knowing their impact.

A few years ago on this date I was really sick.

I was in the hospital waiting for tests.  I was scared and at the hospital alone. I had no idea what the doctors were going to tell me this time.  Nothing to that point had been positive.  It was like an entire cumulation of crap had been thrown at me in ways that seem so far away now.

Things were tense.  I was emotionally brittle.  Physically, a train wreck.  The doctors kept giving me more and more pills and sending me for more and more tests.  I was always sick.  I couldn't walk.  I couldn't sleep.  I felt awful all the time, yet I still had to function.  I had to be mom.  I had to go to work and perform well.  It wasn't easy.  None of it was.  
I was not feeling fabulous about anything, and it showed.

While I was in the waiting room I remembered it was a friend's birthday, so I routinely sent off a Happy Birthday text and continued on waiting for my testing.  A bit later, my text announcement went off.  As I read the words before me, a smile formed on my face.

It doesn't matter what the words were, or the meaning behind them.  What mattered is that those few nice, unexpected words were sent as a gesture of pure kindness when the writer knew I was having a tough time.

For me those words made me smile during a time I hadn't been smiling much.  Those words made a difficult day a little easier.  Even if it was just for a little while.

I never told of this until now.

People don't always know the power of their words, good or bad.

Small gestures of kindness seem to be overlooked in a world where people become jaded at such a young age.  It's nice to have a reminder that just one smile, one kind word could make a positive difference in someone's day.

...even if it's just for a little while.

So as  you go on with your day, think about your words and how the things you speak or even type could make a positive difference to another.

Because you never know who's crying on the inside.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Hugs



  1. I agree with you 100%. words are very powerful and can make or break anyones day. The tone in which they are used can do the same. Thank you for blogging about this. I love reading your blogs! <3

  2. Awww, you're so sweet! You just made me smile!! Thank you for commenting & have a wonderful day!! I appreciate your support <3

  3. Oh how true. My daughter has this self-dialogue going on that she is bad (she IS impulsive and makes unwise choices, but we tell her constantly she's not bad). I've always prayed with her before school, but now I add "Remember, you are a Princess, and today is a fabulous gift God made just for you!" I just added it last Wednesday and for three straight school days she was not impulsive. She came home excited to tell me that when she found a pencil on the floor she gave it to the teacher instead of keeping it, and that when someone was alone on the playground she asked her to come swing. She is learning that each day is a gift. I hope her self-dialogue changes. Girls have enough pressure without hurting words added on.

  4. Kind words in a harsh world make all the difference. We all need to give and receive it; the world would be a happier place. :)

  5. The more time I spend in the blogosphere, the more I see people using their words to amuse others, to build them up and sadly to tear others down. Yes, words do matter, a lot.

  6. Oh yes, you are so right. Only two days ago I was the recipient of kind words (via email) that had tears rolling down my face. Just when I needed it, she lifted me up, and she had no idea....

    Swinging by from I Don't Like Mondays!


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