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Monday, December 10, 2012

I believe!

Even to my almost 20 year-old-son, I have yet to deny the existence of the man in red.

I don't work hard to perpetuate anything.
I just don't deny.

The other night at the dinner table the girls discussed their list of concerns to me.

One of their biggest concerns being their friends do NOT believe in Santa. They were worried that they wouldn't get gifts for Christmas, because they didn't believe.

I do!
In our home, Santa brings one gift.  Not five, not ten, not twenty - ONE.  Why is it fair that children of families who are better off receive ten gifts or more gifts from Santa, but the children whose families have less get only one? Santa brings one.
End of story.

As they get older, I need to find new and different ways to defend Santa.

But MOM, Suzie says she caught her mom putting the gifts under the tree!

Well, of course she did!  You know darn well that I've got a ton of gifts for you guys hidden away all over the house.  You know those gifts come from us.  Santa brings ONE.  I can't help it of other people want to make Santa look more generous.  He brings ONE!

This seems to be enough keep the magic alive.  For now.

Again, I've never denied the existence of the man in red.
I believe.
I believe that Christmas, all that it stands for and all that goes along with it - is in the heart.

Christmas is all about faith and belief.

I'll never say anything different, because I believe.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I believe in the spirit of Christmas ALL YEAR LONG. Because the good in people is ALWAYS THERE. I love this. <3 Cyn
    A.D.D. Music Mamma

  2. I believe as well! It doesn't matter what you see with your eyes, it's what you feel in your heart! Love this, love you! xoxoxoxo

  3. Santa only brings one present to our house too :)

  4. I believe too! I've always kept that spirit of the man in red alive. Never deny him. though all my kids know. It makes Christmas magical and that's why I've always loved the season.

  5. That's what we do too. Santa sends one and we take care of the rest. It's always the big one though, so Santa kinda makes us look like schmucks. lol

  6. I just told my 8 year old daughter the other day that Santa only brings a couple of gifts. She wanted to know exactly how many. I told her, "honey only a couple." She then proceeded to go over every gift she ever got at Christmas to ask me if I got it for her or Santa. OMG!!!

  7. My daughter told me that Santa doesn't exist, I told her then I guess you won't be getting any gifts from him. So she fake's it, which is better for her little brother, and her because she'll get more gifts.


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