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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ran't on Can't

Yes, I did that 't on Rant on purpose.
It gives it a little flair, don't you think??

OK - fine it's an attention getter for my fellow grammar / spelling Nazis out there.
You're welcome.

I've become increasingly annoyed by the amount of people who throw around the "I can't" line lately.

Really? Can't?
Ever heard of Oscar Pistorius?  Maybe he's a bad example being in prison and all, BUT stay with me a moment, will you? His pending murder conviction aside, this man is a DOUBLE AMPUTEE, former Olympic SPRINTER hopeful. The loss of 2 legs did not stop him from running.  He didn't "can't" - at least not in this instance. (hard to be delicate when you use a poor example).

Clearly my blog posts aren't all well thought out and mapped out - they go from brain to finger - so ride along with me further, won't you?

The hubs and I are foster parents. In truth, which he will agree, I do all the parenting work. In any case - I get a lot of "I can't" from some of these kids about themselves, or their parents. The "they can't" nonsense. No - they/you CAN - you just choose not to. They CAN work. They CHOOSE not to. You CAN read a book. You CHOOSE not to.

Can't doesn't fly with me. It never really did. Mostly because I suffer from a long stream of "I wants" (working on that) and I am ultra persistent (read pain in the ass) and I don't generally stop until I get what I want, I take a break or I don't want it anymore. Can't has never really stepped in front of me because I kick it out of my way. Maybe that's just me.

It's a choice - Crawl under a rock or claw your way up.

Is anyone else out there feeling me on this?

I don't accept "I can't" from my kids. I push the "CAN" and "WILL".

Isn't that the way things should be?

Shouldn't we be pushing our kids to dream big?  To go get what they want & bring it home to mamma for a big GREAT JOB, and to ride that into their future?

When did things get so lax?
When did it become OK to sit back and wait for someone to give you what you need instead of getting off your arse and getting it yourself? When did "can't" become the norm and people responding to "can't" with rewards?

I don't get it.

For me, it will always be can and will.
I will teach my kids the same.

Am I crazy?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. Too many people today confuse discipline and firmness with abuse. We walk on eggshells with the younger generation, reward them for not starving and clap for every little bit of progress in growing up. They sometimes forget the true satisfaction from succeeding at something that does not come easy. Parents sometimes do for their child because it is just easier at the time than having the child figure it out for themselves.

  2. Hey, Jenn-!

    Just a quick comment to say I've read about 5 of your posts & hv alrdy decided to add you to my homescreen-!! Your writing is fully engaging, insightful & spot-on ITO ['in terms of'] common sense--(which as we know is unfortunately a great misnomer: Sense is FAR from 'common,' especially these days) :/

    AW, ['AnyWay'] just wanted you to kno that you hv a new reader in me; I look forward [ANXIOUSLY-!] to seeing what you come up w\next…-!! :D

    Blessings; Jils

    1. I apologize for not replying to your very kind comment sooner, computer was a bit kaput :) Thank you so much for your support! Your comment means a lot to me!
      Have a great day!


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