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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jenn-nny I got your number....

Ah the memories...

I'm very music motivated.  No matter what I'm doing, there is always music playing in the background.  In my car, at work, in my kitchen... It's what keeps me going.

Of course it's the music that rewinds my brain and brings me wherever I want to go.

This morning I opened my Facebook and saw a post by my lovely niece regarding the Jenny 867-5309 song from the 80's.  I suddenly lit up like the sun.

I was in my teens in the 80's.  S.H.U.T.  U.P.!!  Right??

As a teenager, I was grounded ALL.THE.TIME.  Really...

If my curfew was 10 pm and I walked in at 10:01 - GROUNDED.

I think it was the only way my (step) dad could control me at that age. Just ground her butt, keep her inside so she stays out of trouble.
So yes, I was grounded.  All the time.

Anyway, with all of my groundings - I missed many parties.  I think that was the idea.  Problem is that my boyfriend, Gary, was at the parties. Again, I think keeping me grounded was the idea.

Gary was REALLY sweet.  I've written about him many times on here because he was my first true love and someone I've kept special in my heart almost my whole life.

Sadly he passed away entirely too young.

The parties in the neighborhood were a mere 4 houses down the street.  I would look out my bedroom window and hope for a glimpse of what I was missing.  Knowing my boyfriend was there as well made me sad.  He didn't live in my town.  He lived about a half hour away and always went out of his way to come see me.

Now something else you should know is that Gary was H.O.T.!  He was super, super cute and before he and I started dating - he was a total player.  The girls dripped all over him. For whatever reason, I never felt insecure or worried, but my friends always felt compelled to give me the play by play.

At one party in particular, there was a lot of beer drinking going on.

Before I go further... this is an 18+ blog... If you're under... get lost.  If you don't get lost, don't take this as advice for things to do in your own life.

Ok....  To continue - there was a lot of beer. There were a lot of games of quarters and there were a lot of drunk girls trying to kiss my boyfriend.

And, MTV was always playing in the background.

MTV was HUGE back then.  It just started.  It actually played music videos and most everyone would sit in front of the television watching, amazed because it was something new.  The same music videos would be played over and over again.  A few specific to my memory are:  Pretty Woman by Van Halen, Heat of the Moment by Asia and of course Jenny 867-5309.

Although those girls were doing all they could to be near my boyfriend - every single time Jenny 867-5309 came on MTV, my phone rang.  Gary called me from the party to tell me he missed me.
Every.Single.Time.  That's the stuff smiles are made of.

These are the memories that come flooding back when I listen to my music.

Gary may be long gone from this planet, but things like hearing Jenny 8674-5309 on the radio or just a mention can still put a big smile on my face.

Thank you for the memories....

And thank YOU all for reading my blog!


  1. Grounding my kids was always more of a punishment on ME!

    Nice story.

  2. I am the same, music can take me everywhere! Its kind of dangerous: it can remind me of good, as well as bad, times.

  3. Sorry about Gary. Music always takes me back to a moment in my past. Good or bad. Seems music was always playing I guess.

    BTW I too was always grounded! Bummer!


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