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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What imprint will you leave?

Ever since my dear friend, Ed, passed away in February I'm reminded of him, almost daily, in some way.

Silly stuff mostly.  I'll take a picture with my phone and think what a crappy picture my "camera" took and his words... "It took a crappy picture because your CAMERA is a PHONE" or I'll think of one of our very "deep" conversations about life in general.  He was a good person.  Someone who I won't ever forget.  Someone who made an imprint on me.

In my adult life, I've worked to do good things and lead a godly life.  I'm far from perfect.  I'm far from a great example - but I work toward it.  When I see someone needing help in some way, I try to make the extra effort to make that person's life easier in some way.  No matter who they are.  Just because that's what we fellow humans should do - care for each other with no expectation of a return.

I was definitely no angel or fabulous example in my earlier years.

My childhood wasn't stellar and I didn't have much regard for the rules that were set before me.  I'd never break any major laws, but I often tip toed on the line.  I don't look back at my old self as a bad person, just someone who I'm glad I'm not anymore.  Someone who needed guidance and probably a good swift kick in the ass.

I look back on that person now and KNOW that she is not the person I want people to remember when they think of me.

I often think of the imprint I want to leave on this planet.  My mark.

How do I want people to remember me once I'm gone?

I certainly don't want the party girl remembered...She was fun, but totally irresponsible.  Quite the story teller.  Not always so nice.  I don't want to remembered for my idiocy that creeps out from time to time.  I want to be remembered for my good....  How often do I let that show?  Enough for people to remember?

I mentioned a few posts ago about the older man who got nasty with me in the restaurant.  He could, very well, have been remembered as a cranky, nasty old man.  He instead called to apologize - so I no longer think of him in that way.  He changed his imprint.

I thought of this again yesterday, as I lost patience with the worker at Lowe's.  Granted, he made a stupid comment, but my reaction was not appropriate.  I later apologized.  I was not kind, nor was I the person I want to be remembered as.

My life and the things that go on around me definitely get plopped here in my blog. Mostly to let go of things, but also to put on display for others to see.  Not to tear anyone down - but to teach and to learn.  I constantly learn while I type these blogs out.

The fact is that we can believe whatever we want about ourselves, but until we actually live what think we are, people will ONLY see what we show them.  It doesn't matter if you're the most philanthropic person on the planet and only do good....
If people see more of the ick, that is what they will think of you.  THAT is the mark you will leave.

So again, what imprint will you leave?  Will  you leave one similar to my friend, Ed - where people think the happy stuff and smile?  Or will they remember bitter and unkind?  What face will you show people?

What imprint will you leave?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. Colleen CussickMay 2, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    What a lovely tribute to a person who epitomized "do unto others...". I know your imprint will be well-formed and bring smiles to those who know you as well!

  2. This is beautiful. And very thought provoking. Love reading what you write.


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