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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Knock, Knock, Knock... AARP Calling. Anyone home???

Helloooooooooo, Jenn....
I know you're in there OPEN THE DOOR!

I'm rapidly reaching the point where I will have completed 49 years on this planet, and the next big number is headed my way.

The BIG 5-0.  YUCK

I can run, but I can't hide.
Beats the alternative, I suppose.

Ever since the calendar has switched to the new year, I've become keenly aware that the 5 at the end of 2015 corresponds (in my brain) to the year 1965.  The year I was born and it also represents (in my brain) the 5 in the 50 that I will be turning.

I have been pondering obsessing over these years more and more.  Some good years, some not so good.  Seems like I'd have more time to work out the not so good years...but now I don't have that handy dandy youth to carry me through.  Ho hum...

I feel much like the person in the picture above - hanging on for dear life. What the heck do I have my claws sunk so deeply into?? My youth?? HA! That ship sailed somewhere within the 10 year gap between baby #1 & baby #2.  I'm not sure you know this - but mentally...I'm no grown up! Shocking I know.  No worries.  I can hang with the best of them.  Right up until 9:30 pm.


Nope, still not liking it.  I wasn't ready to be old(er) and menopausal and having things not sit exactly where they're supposed to on my body.  I mean, I always knew I would be older some day, and maybe I'm not really "old" yet - but...  Sheesh.  What happened to 30 something?????

Speaking of 30 something... While browsing Facebook - I saw one of my friends online & realized that it was 30 years ago that he and I worked together.  OMG... 3.0. YEARS AGO - when I was 19.

I'm much more grateful than fearful.  I'm happy.  I have everything I've ever wanted and then some. How awesome is that?

I've overcome some health issues and am in a position now where I have a good handle on my well being.  I know what I need to do when I'm feeling badly and I just do it - without the drugs that made me crazy and sicker.  Did I mention the medication made me crazy??  Well that was fun. Who needs a mid-life crisis when you can have a medically induced psychotic episode? Read sarcasm.

All in all, I have no regrets.  I believe that life plays out as it's meant to. No matter how you try to manipulate the outcome, it cycles back around to where it's supposed to be.  Amazing.

It's been a fabulous learning experience.  Many lessons hit me all at once, but they all bring me back to the same thing - this is who I am.  All of me. The good, the bad and the silly.

I've had 49 years to build this me I am - and well, creaky knees and all...

50... Come and get me.
I'll be waiting in a glitter cat suit, drinking a margarita.

Bring it!

AARP, I'll be waiting for my card to arrive in the mail. My polyester pants will be pressed & ready and I'll be waiting (im)patiently at the door by 4:30 PM to leave for the Early Bird Special.

Don't be late. You know how we old folks hate to wait.

...Or I'll just embrace this new decade and be full on FABULOUS!

Yeah...That's more like it.  Fabulous.

I'm ready for my next 50 years.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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