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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear FB, WTH? No, REALLY... WTH?

Have you seen it on the news yet??

Facebook is testing a feature within that will randomly turn on the voice portion (click voice portion for article in Forbes) of your phone / computer to "help with your status updates" - ya know like what you're watching on TV or what you're listening to on the radio.


Can you mentally picture the up and coming FB status posts??

Johnny Joe Parker is... on the toilet
Jamie Smith is....  Oooh, we shouldn't see that one either

Even thought I do what I'm supposed to do. I'm where I'm supposed to be and I'm with who I say I'm with.  I'm a little intimidated by that notion.

FB is already a place where innuendos become "fact".  Passive aggressive posts fly by people who can't fight their battles face to face.  Individuals feel targeted by posts that have nothing to do with them, and friendships end because of the assumptions that are derived from things seen on FB.
Can you EVEN imagine what it would be like if there's an accompanying picture, video or sound bite??  One taken at just the right (wrong) moment.  One that will make any assumption become fact because, 'MY GOSH, DON'T LIE!  I SAW THE PICTURE / VIDEO ON FB."

I'm not cool with this.

My husband jokes that he'll never take his phone into the bathroom for fear that he'd accidentally take a picture / post to FB.

I actually turned my phone completely OFF last night & put it in my drawer.

Do you really thing I need FB posting about me??

Jenn is....  drooling on her pillow.

No, I don't think ANYONE needs to see what happens when the lights go out.

What's your take on this??

Really, FB... WTH???

Go get your own life!!

Thank you for reading my blog!


**As as disclaimer to this post....  I miss a lot and genuinely haven't viewed every single angle of this FB issue.  I'm not even sort of tekkie and could have this entire story wrong.  This post is to give you this as food for thought...

If you are getting something for "free", then YOU are the product!

Don't ever forget that!

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  1. I think you probably have the story wrong.

    Is that a piece of chocolate on your mouth?


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