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Friday, June 6, 2014

12 Year Old ... Adults

To say that I am incredibly disturbed by the news story about the two twelve year old girls from Wisconsin who stabbed their friend 19 times would be the understatement of the year.

My heart hurts my on so many levels just thinking about it.

A "bizarre murder plot planned months in advance" the news stories are stating with regard to two 12.YEARS.OLD.GIRLS!

I cannot even wrap my head around it.

How does a parent come to grips with the knowledge that their baby girl not only came up with such a heinous plot, but acted on it?

My own daughter will be 12 in just a few months.
I work to be sure she's happy and try to keep her as innocent as I am able in this world.  I don't completely shield her, but I do my damndest to teach her right from wrong.  I try to teach her to be a good person, to be responsible to herself and to others. To hold herself accountable.

The thought that two LITTLE GIRLS, who should be twirling around in pretty dresses, doing cartwheels in the yard and playing in the school band would instead be plotting murder - OF THEIR FRIEND.  WHY????  To impress a fictional character on the internet?????

I'm sorry.  I don't get that.

I know my world was different growing up, but even with minimal supervision and a f'ed up family life - this would NEVER have been something to cross my mind in my life.  Especially not at 12.  I was always terrified of getting in trouble.

Is that what's missing in this day and age??  Are kids missing that "fear" of being in trouble?  The fear of disappointing their parents or others in authority?  Are they not learning respect for self, respect for others?  Do they somehow feel above it all??

Maybe I don't get it, because I don't see it - not in my kids and not in the kids around me.  Not even in the kids whose parents I don't particularly care for.  They are good kids.  All of them.  If they're plotting murder, which I highly doubt, they're not showing any signs of it.  If, God forbid, something this awful happened in our school - I would be SHOCKED.  I would never in a million years expect it from any of our kids.  Apparently, with these kids, people weren't shocked.  THAT blows my mind even further.  And it's WISCONSIN, not the inner city.  (yes, I know that not everything happens in the inner city.  No barbs please.)

Look at them... they're babies.
I can remember a time when I was younger when I, and a group of my friends did something "really bad."  If my friend Jenn is reading this, she can help me put the pieces together if she cares to....
There were about 10 of us... all I can remember is me, Jenn, Karen, Chrissy, Chazie and Richie.  We cut through Johanna Farms.  We hopped the gate (or went under) and were cutting through.  Chazie and Richie decided to sneak in and grab a case of cartons of chocolate milk for all of us.  Of course, the security guard came out - they all ran, except me.  I stopped.  Then Chazie (my little boyfriend at the time) also stopped because if I was in trouble he was getting in trouble too. (awwww how chivalrous) The others were long gone.  We just said we were cutting through, that's all.  We didn't rat on our friends.  The security guard called our parents.  Not only was I horrified, but I was terrified by the grounding or scolding I'd receive from my dad.

Did you get that???
I was terrified by the scolding I'd receive from my dad!
All I did was trespassed on private property.  I didn't try to murder anyone - and I was terrified of the scolding I'd receive.

Again... I cannot wrap my head around this.

I'm not sure how to think about the justice system trying these girls as adults, at 12, but I'm also not sure that age is really even in a number any more.

What is wrong with a society that children, at the age of 12, have seen and experienced so much in their life that their "age" extends beyond the amount of time they've been on this planet?

As a foster mom, I'm often told... this child is 5... but he/she has seen and experienced things in their life that equate them to a 14 year old.  Think about that.

That is what our society is these days.  A society where two beautiful little girls become cold hard attempted murders.

...And THAT is beyond sad.

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  1. The price we pay for worrying so much about children's self-esteem? Maybe a little. CLearly we somehow have to get back to where stealing an apple from your neighbors tree was a big deal because it seems to just keep escalating.


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