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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And Somehow I Opened the Door to Crazy World....

My old boss, rest his soul, once made a comment about some sneaky goings on at our office...

"If you leave a hole in your security", he said, "some weasely little bastard is going to crawl inside and make themselves at home."

For certain it is a comment I've never forgotten - more than 20 years later.

Funny how true, and how broad, that statement is here in the web-o-sphere. You just don't know.

At one time, I was super internet smart. Someone once joked that if you wanted to know the circumference of a flea's butt hole, just ask me - I'd look it up on the internet and let them know instantly. Sadly, my skills have faded some with age, as did my ultra awareness of the internet world. I've gotten comfortable and probably not as hyper secure as I used to be.

Who are you, really?  Who are you?

The truth is that the internet is a world where you can be whomever you chose to be.  A world where a 72 year old can easily pose as a 14 year old, and no one knows the wiser. You can't see 'em. They seem legit.

It is also a huge reminder that anyone can find out anything they want - with just a few key strokes. It's the reason I originally signed on for a Facebook account, and somewhere still on the web, a My Space account, to watch out for my son's online well being when he was in his teens.

Since then, my skills have lapsed and I've gotten comfortable.

Remember what my boss said?

I had a recent eye opener.

I'm not going to give this incident too much attention, because I am fully aware that this individual, thrives on negativity. This isn't about them, it's an important example for others out there, who may fall into the same type of situation.

A few years back I made the error of commenting on something going on between a few FB fan pages. It was so absolutely absurd, that it had to be all fun and games, right?  Mmmm, nope. It ended up being real, and my little comment put me into the line of fire of a real life Hatfield & McCoy type feud.

Once again, my naivete kicks me in the kiester.  Who'd have known how far crazy goes when it's not a part of the real world??  What rational human would anyone want to create a FB page to fight with someone they hate in real life, just to fight with them?  A little passive aggressive, no??

Fine - I get the dumb ass award for playing along and subsequently getting the door to crazy kicked wide open... I ended up with a creepy, creepy stalker who began to infiltrate different areas of my internet world.

Welcome to Crazy Land.

I've made attempts to get crazy to go away, blocked, reported - whatever, but this person apparently has MULTIPLE ID's to see what's going on on my page, on here... whatever...


This brings me back to the internet security issue and kids.

Last night we had middle school orientation, which I was glad I went to. So much knowledge, but more importantly - a broader awareness of other areas of social media that I'd heard of but hadn't thought of securing SO MUCH.  A broader awareness of how crazy, crazy can be.

Ask FM
Snap Chat

Holy heck!  It was only My Space and Facebook when it was my son.  Now with my daughter going to middle school, my head is spinning. How will it be when the short one gets there?

If only they were this easy to spot.
My advice to everyone reading this...stay aware. Stay internet savvy. This blog and Facebook page of mine constantly open me up to crazy, no matter how safe I think I am there will always be some crazy, sick, trouble making TROLL who has no other way to bring joy into their life, other than to annoy a stranger. When you get rid of one, there's always another.

Find joy in your REAL life. Go have REAL friends and find REAL happiness. All of this?  Pretend. None of this in the internet matters. It's make believe, all of it! Really! If the internet and all of electronics were to explode tomorrow - will you still find happiness? None of this matters. Truly.

Parents especially, please remember when you let down your guard (leave a hole in your security) some kind of crazy will kick the door open, crawl up inside and make themselves at home.

Be safe.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great day!!


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  1. I've managed to avoid the creepies so far but I fear that at any moment, one will jump out of the woodwork and latch on. When this happens, I'll turn to you for enlightenment!!

  2. We should just lock up anyone over 25 who is still living in their parents basement.

    Problem solved!

  3. Great post, be aware. It's exhausting but we're always trying to stay one step ahead.


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