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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Murrysville, PA and the Desinsitization of Our Youth from the perspective of a PISSED OFF mom

I'll have to admit, I'm rather freaked out by the recent school slashing / stabbing incident in Murrysville, PA.

We all know this is not the first school incident, and sadly I'm sure it won't be the last.

Just listen to the name of the town...  Murrysville, PA.  It rolls off your tongue just like Mayberry, RFD.  For those of you too young to get that, please Google it.  If I put in a link for you, I'll be like a squirrel and get off track.

Admittedly, I know absolutely nothing about this town. It could be a quaint little town where nothing ever happens, the sun always shines & the birds always sing - or it could be the ghetto. I'd never heard of it. I don't know anything about the town beyond what happened yesterday - that one child went on an intended killing spree at school seriously injuring 22 individuals (fortunately all survived).  Then it dawned on me - I'd watched something similar on television the night before on the television show The Following.

I've mentioned to several of my friends that this show, even more than other psychological crime shows, absolutely FREAKS ME OUT! Why? It seems too real to me. It scares me. I started watching it because a friend of mine's husband had a walk on part and now it's like watching a car accident. The scenes are entirely too real and brutally graphic for me - but I can't tear myself away. I feel the fear. I feel the suspense. I feel the horror. I still watch.

BUT I'm old enough to know that it's just television. I'm no longer an impressionable child. I'm a mom.

I'm going to jump up on my soap box again.
When I was younger, I watched I Love Lucy (in re-runs, gosh I'm not that old) I clearly remember things like Lucy & Ricky, though married, not being able to sleep in the same bed. They had separate beds. Lucy was also not allowed to use the word pregnant when she was telling Ricky she was with child. There were rules on what was and was not allowed to be seen or said on television.

I'm fully aware that times have changed, but do we really need to see soooo much? Do I really want to see so much skin? Do I really need to see such graphic killing? I don't. My kids certainly don't.

Our kids are continually being desensitized to the really awful things of the world.

I'm not specifically blaming the television show, The Following, for what happened.  That just happens to be my first go to example, since I'd just seen a scene similar to what played out. I largely blame incidents like what happened in Murrysville on the desensitization of our youth via the information age; the video game industry, the television / entertainment industry, for not saying -  "Enough is enough. That's not cool. Let's not do that." I blame them for being "teachers" in some way, and not taking responsibility for what they are teaching. They KNOW their general audience will be kids, regardless of the rating on the package, yet no one thinks about what's being put out. No one stops and says, "this has gone too far" loud enough to make an impact.

Yeah, I get that everyone needs to make a buck. I get that the parents should largely be monitoring what their children are watching - but it's nearly impossible to shield your child from EVERYTHING.

I'd keep my kids in a box if I could, but I can't and parents don't always JUST KNOW what's absolutely awful for their kids all the time.

I am a protective (maybe over protective) mom. I watch what my kids are doing. I see what they watch on television. I monitor their computer use, yet when my son was a teenager something got by me. He borrowed the video game, Grand Theft Auto, from a friend. I knew nothing of this game. I didn't even know he had it at first until I heard language coming from his room. When I learned it was a video game, I was horrified by what my teenager was learning -JUST FROM A VIDEO GAME HE BORROWED FROM A FRIEND.

I'm lucky. I was able to watch. Not every parent is able to be over their kids' shoulder and you can't control every single area of your child's life!

It pisses me off that people just don't care and it scares the ever living hell out of me!

How much more damage will this desensitization cause?

How many more kids need to kill or be killed?

I shudder to think.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. I'm not so sure that these video games and TV shows are the cause of these incidents, either way, the genie is out of the bottle. With the internet and all, it is up to parents to if not monitor everything, at least teach. I think most kids can separate reality from the games and TV. Tom and Jerry are violent and my grandkids recognize they can't do these things. I'm not knowledgeable of the Bible, but I believe there are some pretty violent stories there, and some of the old children's stories...Jack falling down and breaking his crown there has always been violence. 100 years ago the violence was all around and it was real. 2 out of 5 children never made it to adults...disease, famine, wars, slavery so much violence was common place. Still, you have a good point, I hate the violence in video games and some TV and movies. They are not going away, so I guess we have to keep teaching our children what is right and what is wrong and hope enough of them listen to make a difference.

    Excellent post...should get some gray matter churning.

    1. Thank you sir. You got my general point. Yep, violence, etc has been there forever - Just not so sure we need to SEE every detail of it. Imagined violence is enough. Hearing of it is enough. Harder and harder to be a parent. God help the next generation.
      Thank you for your constant support!

  2. I agree with Cranky I believe that video games, tv, movies ect..have nothing to so with it. I believe that is another way for people in general to play the blame game. I hate the violence that is out there is sucks and it is getting worse everyday but DAMN then I should have been a serial killer with the amount of horror movies, books ect I watched and still watch to this day. We have some serious mental issues in this country that we are not taking care of, we like to put a band aid on it in this country and pretend it does not exists. Their are SOME kids we have issues and have always had issues and one day something snapped. A video game is not going to make you kill a person and if that is the case you were screwed up in the head before that. Kids need to be taught right from wrong and sometimes even when you do that their might be some kind of chemical imbalance in the brain that is not able to figure out what right and wrong is. I believe many young adults/children know what is make believe and just for fun. We as parents need to present in our kids lives and make sure that we keep ourselves updated and smart to what is going on out there in young adult land. I am in my daughters grill at all times and she is only 4 you bet your ass my ass will be in her grill when she is 14 she might not like me very much but mommy is a pretty good snoop and she knows what is up. I am here to be her parent not her BEST friend.


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