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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gadget girl trips over new fangled electronics...

Once upon a time, I was referred to as "Gadget Girl."

If a VCR needed to be programmed, I was you girl.
I can still hear my dad calling me...  "Jenny"
(before you go and get any smart ideas, only my family and people who knew me when I actually WAS Jenny may call me Jenny.)

Anyway... He'd be on the phone in a full on tizzy, "the bleepin' VCR is broken. I hit a bleepin' button again and the bleepin' television is all fuzz. The game is on. Can you come here (five minutes ago) and fix it before I throw the mother bleepin' thing out the bleeping window?"

With a giggle, off I went... to rescue my dear old dad from the gruesome fate of VCR scramble. The HORROR!

Heaven forbid the tape in his answering machine got messed up.

Now this is a man that, in his younger years, would climb a ladder & scale the building 3 floors up just to "steal" cable TV to the other side of our house. A  man who can now not deal with the VCR.

I get the frustration. Well, I get it NOW at this stage of my life.

Back then, I truly WAS a gadget wiz.  I could program computers.  I knew them inside and out. I could take them apart, rebuild them, network them throughout the entire house. DOS & I?? Best Buds. I had it goin' on. I knew it and I was proud. Oh, you probably don't know what DOS is, do you? Well, whatever.

We're in the "smart" age now.

The smarter things get, the dumber I get. Smart? Easy? Really? Voice controlled?  Well the flippin' thing doesn't recognize my voice! I can already feel the tension beginning to build at the mere thought of a computer problem.

I can't even figure out how to properly TWEET and I need to figure out how to work my phone?
I've become my dad. If I need to figure out what the hell happened to my iPhone - I call my 11 year old to fix it for me.  Or to teach me. Whatever.

Pathetic, huh??

I laugh about this now.  I mean, really... The VCR... My kids would say, huh??  VCR?  Do you mean Blue Ray / DVD player??  Answering machine?

As technology gets smarter, I truly get dumber tripping over all the new fangled electronics and wondering where the hell did gadget girl go??

Oh, there she is... asking her 11 year old how to program the Blue Ray. Can you relate?

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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  1. OMG I just typed out a comment, hit Publish and it POOFED away.


    Anyway, I was the techno-wiz when I worked at the casino. If it was messed up, I was the go-to gal to fix it. We'd call IT as a last resort. I could change out wheels, calculator/printer ribbons, fix machinery, reprogram crap. Nowadays my phone (and my kids) are smarter than I am. Now I feel like my mom when her VCR would flash 12:00 12:00 12:00.

    1. Terri I think there's something wrong within Blogger... When I try to comment on my stuff, it poofs into the nothing... When I try to comment on other's stuff it poofs into the nothing. I just consider myself lucky if it posts... :)
      Either that or I need my 11 year old to show me how to do it the right way :)

  2. At one time I was able to watch two different football games with picture in picture, and tape one show while watching another. Now? It took me 20 minutes to find the right "Mode" to watch my son's TV. When I finally figured it out, the set asked for a parental code! To watch Oprah!

    I am so with you on this post!

    1. I guess this is what "old age" looks like, lol

  3. I definitely think it's age and our tolerance for certain things. Plus the fact that we have 100 more responsibilities now than compared to when we were younger and in the grand scheme of things, do I really want to spend 3 hours researching how to fix/program an electronic when I could be doing something else more meaningful and productive? I think not! LOL

  4. I am still laughing. I used to be the go-to person in my house for the VCR and other technology when I was a kid. Now my son has taken over and I had to ask him last night how to watch a show I recorded on the new DVR. Ah yes, the cycles of life!


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