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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Their socks DON'T MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm Jenn.  I'm a Virgo by birth sign, anal by nature, OCD by chance and my kids socks....DO.NOT.MATCH!

Got teen girls??  Heck -- got girls aged 5-25???  Do their socks match??

My kids socks don't match.


As toddlers they took such great pride in matching their socks.
OK, fine...their socks were all the same color to make things easier, but you get where I'm going here.

Did I mention the OCD analities I suffer??? When you come into my house and there is balance.  Even if it's just MY balance, it's balance.  If there is a candle holder on the left, their is an equal matching one on the right.  If one is burned down further than the other, they're trash.  If one is sun faded and the other not - trash.  There are no crooked pictures and the sofas and rugs are lined up with the lines in the hard wood floor.

BALANCE... OCD crazy, yes - but balance.

These are the kind of things that I know that I have complete and total control over in my world. The thing that I do not have control over is the crazy, my socks do not match habit my children have.

On laundry day (which is basically every day) I painstakingly sort socks. I match the socks; by color, by size, by type.  I check to be sure whose socks are whose and I put them into their drawers carefully by style.  If there is a non-matcher, I generally keep that stray sock aside until the match eventually shows up.  No more.

Those days, my friends... OVER!

Over, because my dear, sweet, beautiful girls prefer unmatched socks. Apparently it's the new trend.  Everyone's doing it!!  It's very cool.

Don't think I haven't discussed this situation with other moms.  Would you believe that some of the moms I've spoken to - LOVE this?? They throw all the socks into one basket and let their girls have at it.  I just can't do it.  It freaks me right out.  It upsets my balance.

I don't understand.
How can they do this?  Mismatch??
Personally, I like to know that if I have one sock that feels cozy and fluffy that there will be an equal match in fluffiness, color, style, elasticity, etc. for my other foot.  How could you possibly wear one flat sock and one full, fluffy stock??

My OCD senses are more than tingling.  They're bouncing off the walls uncontrollably.  (Yes, it's sock day at Casa Jenn)

My girls laugh... they have at the basket just like other moms prefer.  Their only real concern is that one does NOT have the other's precious mustache sock.

Me??  I'm huddled in a corner, in a fetal position, shaking and sucking my thumb because THEY DON'T MATCH??  It's just not right!

What has this world come to if we can no longer match a sock??

Where have I gone wrong?

I worked so hard training my children to match their clothes and now this...unmatched socks business???  I'm not sure I can deal!

On the upside, I no longer need to freak out when I notice I have on one black and one navy sock - I'll now be thought of as totally IN and very cool!

Clearly it's time for a big ol glass of vino, because after all.... red matches most everything.

Thank you for reading my random silliness!

I wish you a day full of balance and a whole lot of silly!!

Your support is greatly appreciated!


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  1. My kids haven't worn matching socks since they came out of the womb. I try not to sweat it, because they couldn't find matching socks if they tried with the mess that is their room.

  2. You be silly be you.

    I think George Bush the senior started wearing crazy socks, not sure if he mismatches them.

  3. Mismatched socks? (Is it socks or sox?) Seems harmless enough unless it's some sort of gang ID. You might check that. ;)


  4. lol this is funny. I haven't been matching socks for years. It isn't completely intentional, I just don't want to be bothered with it. But now that I read from your blog that it's a trend, I don't feel so bad for taking my boots off last friday at a daycare only to be horrified by my 1 black sock, 1 white sock.


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