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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you to all the Veterans! I love you all!! ~ism Re-Run from 2012

Re-run post from Veteran's Day 2012...  Shortly after power was restored here in Jersey after Super Storm Sandy

Good Morning from my, now illuminated, little corner of the planet.

It's Sunday morning as I type this.  It's just me & the girlies today since hubby went to DC to meet up with some old Marine Corps buddies for the Marine Corps birthday and Veteran's Day.

I'm feeling all warm and gushy this morning.
Ever have those days where you just feel like wow, everything really IS great?

I'm feeling that today.

I was doing so good on my little happy train letting go of all the ick & then this flippin' Hurricane / Super Storm whatever the hell it was Sandy came along and kicked my state in the face, right along with my happy, peppy mood.

As bad as things were here, we are really lucky and one of the things I feel most lucky for is that the US Navy gave my first born permission to call and check on his momma while they were out to sea.  I haven't seen my son in a what feels like forever.  Yes, I know that I should really just get the hell over since he's a "big boy" now - but ya know, I'm a momma - he's my "baby boy" and that's that!  Hearing his voice just made me feel so over joyed in the face of crap.  I'm so grateful for that call.
Thank you, US Navy.

Now, even though I've been alone with the girls (yeah, I know I shouldn't say this out loud on line, but hubs is back now) for what seems like an eternity, I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and listening to Toby Keith Radio with a big ol smile on my face.

I'm blessed.

I'm such an incredibly spoiled brat sometimes and I really needed perspective.  Our home was not damaged in the storm.  Yes, we were without power for a good long while and it sucked, but some of my friends, only a few miles away are, still without power!  Other friends down the shore & in New York lost their homes.  People I don't even know lost their lives.

...And then I think of our Veterans.
Those giving themselves, daily to protect our freedom.  I am so incredibly and amazingly grateful to our military; Our men and women who are or were living in tents, cramped quarters or worse - away from home - putting their lives on the line so that spoiled people like me can blog about how crappy it is to be without power.  Wow!  How's THAT for perspective?
To those who are currently serving, to those who have served 
& those who plan to serve - I love you all!

I have a HUGE amount of respect to all of the individuals and families who give themselves over to defend this amazing country of ours.

I have always gravitated to those who've served.  Mostly because of the awe I feel to think that they've given themselves over to something bigger.
That's amazing to me.

Today Veteran's Day is observed here in the United States.

Don't just let this day pass without saying thanking a veteran.  No matter how you may feel about this or any other war, the fact is that they put themselves on the line for YOU.

To all the Veterans & their families - THANK YOU!

God Bless you all and God Bless the USA!


"American Girls and American Guys 
We'll always stand up and salute 
We'll always recognize 
When we see Old Glory Flying 
There's a lot of men dead 
So we can sleep in peace at night 
When we lay down our head"
~Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (a.k.a. The Angry American)

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