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Monday, November 18, 2013

NOT a Bandwagon fan! ...OK - well, maybe sometimes

I am a Broncos fan!

Not a Peyton kicks ass and they're winning, Broncos fan.
A REAL Broncos fan!

I have been a Broncos fan since 1986.  Seeing the Broncos vs. the NY Giants in 1987 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA sealed the deal. This was a historic Super Bowl, as the first recorded Gatorade dump was initiated by L.T. over Bill Parcels... memorable, for sure!

I'm a Jersey girl.  Why the Broncos??  John Elway.  Plain and simple.  Yep, I even still have (and wear for luck) my John Elway jersey.

Let's go back... wayyyyy  back.  While I was young - it was a Jets household.  We bled green.  If you're a Jets fan, you already know that being a Jets fan can be painful.  Very, very, painful... but there is no truer fan.

A few years later, as I grew into pre-teen dom and the boys in my neighborhood were watching football - it was a Giant's world.  Not for me... No, no, no.... NOT for me!  Me, I'm a pain in the ass...  Ohhhh  you like the Giants??  Well I will absolutely LOVE whomever they are playing against.  As a young female protesting football taking up my life, that became my stance.

In time, I learned to actually like football.  In high school, I attended games.  I sort of knew what was going on.  Then I joined the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" club.  If you're going to be dating boys / men - they will, most likely, watch football.  You can piss and moan about the 75 games going on every Sunday (and Monday) or you could shut up and watch.  I chose the latter.

As I got older & started going to clubs, local bars and eateries - the Giants players were everywhere.  Sean Landetta, A.J. Green, Mark Collins, O.J. Anderson, Harry Carson (just to name a few) - these guys were just nice, regular guys.  Hanging out.  Heck, I even got invited to L.T.'s New Years Eve party one year.  No, I did not go :)

I dabbled in Giant waters for a while, but found the fans to be annoying.  (not all of you)  Especially as they became my exes.  I still loved the Jets as my home team, but as I can be painful.  It wasn't until I watched John Elway in action, and THEN learned how fun Broncos fans are to hang out with that I signed my loyalty over to be a Bronco fan for life.

Yes, I hung tight during the sad days after Johnny boy's retirement...  but I still remember the sound of angels singing from above "Aaaaaaaaaaah" (think majestic angelic voices from above) Please all rise as we welcome John Elway to the field...  Oooh, I mean while we sing the national anthem.  Yeah... that was it for me.

No judgement, people!

Now, we have Peyton.  While I do - almost always wear my Elway jersey for luck... I may actually get a Peyton jersey.  Just because.

All this said...  I am a loyal fan and he is a Bronco.

My loyalty IS true...
That is, unless Green Bay is playing Chicago.  THEN - I become a Green Bay fan.  This, all brought on by my pain in the ass nature - and the fun little rivalry I have with my friend, Heather, who is from Chi-town.  She is a die hard Bears fan - and when she has Chicago Bears Football parties... I show up with a bear in a noose, a variety of green & yellow food and my finest, created Green Bay garb. Come on.. it's funny!  Even she thinks so... While I've learned to love Big Mike (Ditka), a little something rises to my throat when the Bears hit the field, and sorry, but Jim McMahon and the Superbowl shuffle ruined me for life.  No can do, Bear fans, sorry.

My Broncos will always be my heart, and I will always show loyal patronage.  I will also switch in a heart beat to ANYONE who is playing against the Giants, Patriots or 49'ers as well.

And that's where my "band wagon" mentality kicks in.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. The first Jet game on TV that my son remembers, they were leading by 14 with 10 minutes to go. I told him, "Spence, one thing to remember as a Jet fan, they will almost always break your heart!" They lost that game on a last second field goal.

    The Joe Willie Namath euphoria can't last forever...can it?


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