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Thursday, November 7, 2013

For those who do... Thank you!

I love my friends...  Truly!

So when my friends are hurt, I hurt too.

Over and over I see the same thing.
A true, good person steps up to help out someone in need- when no one else would.

This person opens themselves up to do all they can for another person, only to be hurt and taken advantage of.  Then when they address the issue - they become the a'hole.  The people who SHOULD have stepped up to begin with, tear them down and then they suddenly become a pariah.

What the heck??

It always amazes me the way people use and take advantage of kindness, as if it's owed to them. When the world doesn't rotate around them in their way - it's a problem.

Instead of being thankful they're vengeful.

People need to get their heads out of their arses and step up or shut up!

In a world where people don't step up, don't help, don't want to get involved - shouldn't we just be thankful for the small kindnesses people DO show us?

We should be thankful every day for the things in our lives - but during the month of November - where Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States - it's a reminder.  Be thankful.

Be thankful for the good.  Be thankful for the small kindnesses.  Just say thank you!

...Even if things don't go your way.

Thank YOU for reading my blog!!


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  1. Excellent post. Yes, I do, and can't imagine why everyone doesn't. I think it's what we were meant to do. Where did we lose it?


  2. I learned this harsh lesson a long time ago. I use to step up and provide help instantly for anyone who asked. I would stop what I was doing and go on a mission to assist that person. I did it because I wanted to and didn't expect anything in return BUT I began to notice that as soon as I asked for a simple favour/help, and I mean simple, nobody even cared. In fact, people didn't even bother to respond to my phone call or emails even if it was to politely say they couldn't help out. I felt deeply hurt and wounded for a long time. But now, my mind is renewed.

    I'm much more careful nowadays. I don't just give my money and time because someone asks for it. I'm not prepared to go without and be used that way anymore. And I'm not affected by their rude responses when I say NO. So in a way, I'm glad they treated me like before, because it's helped to make me wise-up. Thanks people.

    And THANK YOU, for writing such good posts.


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