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Monday, October 21, 2013

Facebook is the devil.....

There, I said it...

Facebook is the devil.

In my teachings growing up, I was taught that Satan/the devil doesn't come into your life appearing scary and evil.

If it did, people wouldn't be so quick to follow.  They'd be scared, not intrigued or easily tempted.

It instead comes to you wrapped as a pretty package tied with a great big beautiful bow, promising friends, fun, happiness and renewed friendships - maybe even love.  It all seems fabulous.  The attraction is irresistible.  Until the box opens...

I've noticeably been spending less and less time interacting on my personal Facebook page.  More than once I've gotten zapped by other's interpretations of posts or comments I've made or jokes I've shared.  I'll post something or share something I saw on another page, and someone somewhere will see the post, internalize it and somehow decide it's about them.  It's just not worth it.

If it's real, I own it.  If not - that's your problem not mine.  Check your conscience...

See?  Facebook IS the devil. It takes innocuous little comments that could mean a million things in one person's life - and another person will take the post as a personal attack.

This devil takes many forms...

The most recent form of evil I'm referring to is Internet bullying and the case in Florida where 12 and 14 year old girls, and as many as 15 others bullied a 12 year old girl to the point where she couldn't take anymore.  She so sadly took her own life.  Bullying in itself is its own issue.  The ease and reach of the Internet compounds the issue, making it so wide spread the poor girl couldn't escape from it.  To the victim, this little girl, it appeared that EVERYONE knew and believed EVERYTHING that was being said.  She felt 12 years old.  Just a year older than my little girl.

A sad example of how numbing the Internet has become.
It's such a routine part of life that sometimes parents don't even take it seriously - as in this case, and worse the young girls didn't even care.  The one girl posted, "Yes ik [I know] I bullied REBECCA nd she killed her self but IDGAF [I don't give a (expletive)]"
(quote taken from USA Today post October 16, 2013)

...and the parents refuse to believe that their "good girl" would do such a thing.

Personally, I've always monitored my kids' social media accounts.  Email and all.  Invasion of privacy?  Yeah - I don't care.  Agree or not, I'm mom.  It's my house.  When you move out into your own little world, you can have all the privacy you want.  In my house, I want to know who you're calling "friend", who you're talking to, where you're going and who you're going with.  It's my responsibility as a parent to keep my children safe and teach them to be responsible for their actions.  Period!  I'm not a liberal mom and I don't want to be one.  My children always know they're safe and loved - and they know there is a line they need to respect.  Did my son hate this while he was a teenager?  Yes!  He absolutely did, but ya know what - he didn't "hate me forever" and he's a responsible functioning member of society serving our country.  I couldn't be more proud of him.
My girls' can expect the same.

It is my job as a parent to be sure that the wonderful world of Facebook doesn't turn into a world full of danger, sadness and bullying.  That an internet weirdo isn't trying to lure my kids into a dangerous situation (which happened in my town), or even that my child is being the bully.  It is my job to know and to protect.

No one thinks of these things.  Myself included.  I'm guilty.

It's not until the glass shatters and you realize that the Internet / Facebook can be a cruel and dangerous world;  A place where marriages are destroyed.  A place where people mentioning a vacation could get you robbed.  A place where mean spirited people will intentionally try to hurt you.

Suddenly the world of wonder and surprise - reaching out to new friends all over the globe becomes a liability.  The place where Satan's face is revealed and it becomes a heart breaking evil.

What fun is it to share pictures and witty quotes across the net if they're only going to be held against you?  Why say anything if someone is going to be in a "mood" and decide it's about them?  Why tell your online friends about your vacation - if you may get robbed?  Why share a picture that someone else may see and feel left out, wondering why they weren't included.  Even if the picture was taken a year ago...  You can't tell.  You can't read tone.  You can't read intent - especially if you don't know every single thing that's going on in a person's life.

It's a world completely based on assumption and paranoia.

Wow, what a difference from wonder & surprise.

I do still have Facebook.  I hate it for what it has become, and for what I learn every day - but I keep it for the good things like seeing my family and friends in other states/countries lives.  I get to see pictures of their kids and feel a small part of their lives.

This is why I stay - but my eyes are wide open.  I know that Facebook IS the devil.

But I am aware of the devil and I refuse to let it have any power over me.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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  1. What a great post and you're absolutely right. Too many times people read something whether it's on Facebook, in an email or over a phone or text conversation and it's construed entirely not how it was intended. People hear what they want to hear and embellish on that all to often; internalizing whatever demons they are struggling with themselves and lash out for no reason. Now it's just rainbows and sunshine on my page. :)


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