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Thursday, August 15, 2013

For my family...You don't know what you've got, until you have it for just a little while

It really is the truth that you don't realize how much you miss someone or something until you've had a small taste & then it goes away again.

In this, I'm referring to our recent family reunion.

Growing up, I did not have the opportunity of my father's family.  I never really knew why and frankly it doesn't matter any more.  Families are just weird sometimes and you just don't know what brings people together - or tears them apart.

During my life, I randomly knew some of my family, or came across them in the oddest of circumstances...

The perfect examples are my cousins Pattie & Susie.  I never knew them - never even knew they existed.  Yet, one day my mother ran into their mother in the parking lot of MY very small Catholic elementary school.  We were in school together.  We knew each other, played together on the play ground & never knew we were cousins!  Crazy, right?  We remained close for a short while, but then we all moved.  If not for that time, way back then - I'd have never known they existed.  We sadly lost touch and didn't connect again until the wonderful world of Facebook.

My grandfather's generation was referred to as the "Magnificent Seven" or the seven sons of seven brothers, coming over from Holland in the late 1910's, early 1920's.  They all settled in the same area.  They all grew up knowing each other, but then somewhere along the line - the family separated and that was that.

I grew up knowing one cousin, Judy, throughout my childhood.  Then in my teens I met Liz, Cathy and Melissa, who was a baby at the time. Liz and I became inseparable, closer than sisters.  As she so eloquently put of us had the ideas, the other had the car.  There was a small span of time where we were out of each other's lives, but she and I remain close even though she lives several states away.  We speak almost daily.  She is always the hardest to let go of when she leaves.  It truly feels like something is missing.  We're already planning out next opportunity to see each other & have our fingers crossed that it will all come together.

This reunion was a first and was something truly amazing.  It was amazing to me, the bond of a family that somehow didn't all get to know each other - one cousin after another (The "Sea of Blonds" as I referred to our group) coming together as if we'd never been apart, or had always known each other.

I remain overcome with emotion as I type this out, during a month that is already emotional for me.

A few weeks have passed since I've seen my family.  Some don't live too far away and others in different corners of the country.  I miss them.

I still see them on Facebook & talk to Liz almost every day... but it is the truth that you don't know how much you've missed something or someone, until you've had a small taste & then it goes away again.

To my family, each and every one of you...  I LOVE YOU!!

Familie ik houd van u!

Same time next year?

Thank you all for reading my blog!


  1. Boy do I know that feeling! My mom's family lives mostly near me and I grew up seeing them all the time. But I never knew my dad's family very well. My one aunt lived all the way across the country, so I never met my two oldest cousins. I met my third cousin, who is a year older than me, when I was 9, and we saw each other every summer from then on up until I turned 12, and then they stopped visiting.
    Last summer my aunt and uncle and my youngest cousin came out here and we all (me, my parents, and them) went on vacation together. It was so much fun getting to see them every day! Then this summer, my aunt and uncle came, but my cousin didn't come. It was still fun. I miss them all so much. I lived most of my life NOT seeing them, but then after two weeks (last year and this year) of seeing them constantly, I feel like, with them so far away, my life just isn't right anymore!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment... It would be so nice if time and space would close up just a little bit so we could have more time with our families <3


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